Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth

Who is Ozzy Osbourne and what is his net worth 2018? Ozzy Osbourne is a Grammy award winning artist who reached to fame as the main singer of the Hard Rock band Black Sabbath. This singer-cum-songwriter also has a successful solo career and released 11 studio albums. Out of these, first seven achieved the multi-platinum certifications in the United States. One of the unique things about Ozzy’s career is that his total album sales are more than 100 million.

He is awarded many prestigious awards such as induction into the UK Music Hall of Fame and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Additionally, Ozzy has won the Global Icon Award at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards and a Grammy Award in 1994 for the song “I Don’t Want to Change the World”. He admitted that the abuse of alcohol and drugs during the major portion of his life.

Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth

Ozzy fights a lot in his life to reach such a fame. He was born into a very poor family on 3 December 1948 in the home of father John Thomas Osbourne and mother Lillian. His mother worked at a factory while the father was a toolmaker at the General Electric Company. Ozzy was fourth out of six children their parents have. He had three older sisters named Gillian, Iris, and Jean while his two younger brothers names were Tony and Paul.

He dealt with many learning disabilities such as dyslexia and deficit disorder in the childhood. Due to extreme poverty, he left his school at the age of 15 and started working as a construction site laborer. After that, he also worked as a plumber, car factory horn-tuner and abattoir worker. Ozzy even spent six weeks in Winson Green Prison as a punishment for robbery in the clothes shop.

Ozzy married twice in his life and has five children in total. He marries his first wife Thelma in 1971 who gave birth to two children Jessica and Louis. The couple later gets separated from each other. He marries his second wife Sharon Arden on 4 July 1982 and has three children together Aimee, Kelly, and Jack. As per the Sunday Times Rich List, Ozzy and his wife are one of the richest couples in the whole United Kingdom.

Education: There is no information available about the school where Ozzy Osbourne studied in the childhood. He takes part in the school plays such as HMS Pinafore and Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado. It is only confirmed that he left the school at the age of 15 and started working.

Ozzy Osbourne Net Worth

The Ozzy Osbourne net worth is $240 million that is a whopping amount and only a handful of people in the world have it. Ozzy earned the majority of his net worth as heavy metalist, songwriter and award winner vocalist in the musical career that spans over a period of more than 40 years. He has received around $ 150 million just by selling off his album during his entire career. Together with his wife Sharon, they are one of the UK’s richest couples. In addition to working as a music artist, he also has a successful television career that helped him in making more money. Ozzy is also the founder of Ozz-Fest Music Festival in which some of the biggest named in the music performs.

Ozzy is a die-hard fan of the cars and that’s why one erbly built car costing $95 thousand US dollars. Other cars owned by the Ozzy Osbourne are Ferrari 458 Italia and Audi R8. can see a great collection of cars in his wardrobe. Presently, he owns Bently Continental GT, a modern and super. He also owned many luxurious cars in the past.

Ozzy also owns two large and luxurious mansions one each in the Los Angeles and Malibu Beach Pad. The Los Angeles mansion is 11,000 square feet house that consists of 6 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. All the floors in the house are made from the Travertine limestone. Apart from that, the house features antique 19th-century French furniture, Barbecue Island, an outdoor shower and a swimming pool. The Malibu Beach house cost $ 10 million and features 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Ozzy Osbourne As Business Model

As stated above, the majority of his income comes with the sale of the albums. Additionally, he regularly performed in the stage shows from where he earned a handsome income. He is also the owner of Ozzy-Fest Music Festival from where he received income by selling tickets. He has also acted or given his voice in many movies such as Brutal Legend, Fish Hooks, Ghostbusters, Austin Powers in Gold member and much more.

This former Black Sabbath front man gets lots of criticism during his career because of his drug abuse and other related activities. However, no one can deny that he worked very hard to reach such heights in his life. We strongly wish that he had a long life and enjoy a healthy relationship with his family in the future.