Miranda Lambert Net Worth 2019

Who is Miranda Lambert and what is her net worth 2019? Being one of America’s top country music singers, this adorable and bubbly southern girl has had a steadily ascending career spanned over a decade. Yes, we are talking about a member of Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert, who has been consistently showered with prestigious awards such as Grammy Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards and Country Music Association Awards.

Early Life

On November 10, 1983, Miranda Leigh Lambert was born to former police officer Rick Lambert who later turned into a private investigator with a partner and spouse Beverly. Miranda was born in Longview Texas and raised in Lindale. After dating for four years Lambert got engaged to the fellow country singer, Blake Shelton in 2010, and married him a year later. In 2015, the couple announced their separation and Lambert started dating R&B singer Anderson East later that year.

Miranda Lambert Net Worth

Since her debut studio album, Kerosene Lambert has hit the top 40 Billboard Hot Country Songs chart repeatedly. She hit her first top ten with her hit single “Gunpowder and Lead” from her second album Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. But all her past grandeurs were outshined by her 2014 album Platinum which won her the Grammy Award for Best Country Album and her lead single “Automatic” hit top 5 on the Country Charts that year.

Net Worth of Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert has a humongous treasure chest, and it’s hard to tell if treasure or beauty outshine each other. Miranda Lambert has an estimated net worth of around $60 million. Her earnings and net worth through the years has also risen impressively:

• 2013: $23 million
• 2014: $30 million
• 2016: $45 million

Some of her gross album earnings include:

• Platinum: $1 million
• Crazy Ex-Girlfriend: $1.2 million
• Four the Record: $1.5 million

Miranda Lambert likes the country life and lives at her 400 acre Tennessee estate south of Nashville, embraced in green spacious luxury. Lambert reportedly spent a good $3.4 million on the property which includes, three residences, a lake with a bathhouse and a six bay garage. The property even features rolling hills, a gigantic house barn, 75 acres of fenced pastureland and a pavilion that can house 60 guests for those private concerts. She also owns a $2.258 million suburban mansion at Nashville.

Being a country girl she likes to ride big strong vehicles and owns a Ford Raptor S and a 1955 Chevrolet Series 3100 pickup truck. The Raptor costs a whopping $1.1 million and the Chevy boasts a 4.8 L V8 engine with customised interiors that include leather upholstery, a rugged hardwood floor with steel skid strips and a classic egg crate grille.

Miranda Lambert is a top name which gets associated with American country music and she has worked hard through the years to achieve such honor. Since her self-titled indie album in 2001 Miranda has released a lot of successful albums with recording studios including:

• Kerosene (2005)
• Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2007)
• Revolution (2009)
• Platinum (2014)
• The Weight of These Wings (2016)

She has also been cast in successful television ventures like CMT Cross Country, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and The Voice.

Being a kind southern girl, Miranda has a long list of philanthropic activities. She lends her support for various charitable organisations and foundations which include:

• ACM Lifting Lives
• American Humane Association
• Clothes Off Our Back
• Hero in Heels
• Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation
• MusiCares
• Musicians on Call
• Mutt Nation Foundation
• Wish Upon A Hero Foundation

In tough and competitive times even the finest among the lot find it hard to resist the wind and hold ground. It’s a different story with Miranda; she has successfully created herself into a country music icon and likes to cash in on that self-made a brand with lucrative endorsement deals from the likes of Ram Trucks, Cotton Inc. and Spotify. Her song “Fabric of My Life” full version for Cotton Inc.’s “ The Touch, The Feel of Cotton” is also available for free download. She even holds partnerships with Red 55 Wine, Pink Pistol n Dixie Darlin. She even earns a big chunk from her own line of clothing, shoes and accessories.

Miranda Lambert is one of the best country singers in the world at present. She has delivered numerous hits and soothing performances over the years, creating a huge fan base for herself. She is one of those stars who is always revered for their humility and love towards the fans. Miranda Lambert is highly emotional and most of her songs are based on whatever the condition is she in during the making of the song. Her songs reflect her emotions and mental condition, and that is what makes the songs of Miranda Lambert so endearing to all of us.

The ugly fight between Miranda Lambert and her ex-husband as well as a popular fellow country star, Blake Shelton is not a secret. How their marriage failed and they went through a public divorce is well known to the whole world. Hence, there is no surprise when fans noticed obvious nods to her failed marriage and how she feels to be free again in her new songs. In a recent interview, Miranda Lambert went on saying that writing songs and performing them for the fans is all the therapy that she needs to get past of her sorrows and heartbreaks.

That is why the star is touring all over the USA and will be performing her new singles. She has announced her concert days and that can be easily found online. Life is full of ups and downs; relationships form and they even break due to simplest misunderstandings but turning heartbreaks or grief into creativity and composing excellent music are an admirable quality that Miranda possesses. We wish her a good luck and a happy life in the future!