Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Who is Meghan Trainor and what is her net worth 2018? Meghan Trainor is an American pop singer and songwriter. She was born in Nantucket, Massachusetts on the 22nd of December 1993. She is known for hits like “Lips Are Moving” and “All About That Bass.” Trainor started recording and produced three independently-released albums from the age of 15 to 17. Megan signed a deal with Big Yellow Dog Music and started perusing a career in songwriting.

Meghan was only seven when she began making music. At the age of eleven, she wrote her first song. Trainor’s family has musical roots. Her parents Kelly Anne and Gary Trainor are both jewellers. She has two brothers Ryan and Justin. Trainor’s dad was a music teacher and musician. He plays the organ in a Methodist church. Her great-uncle was in a band with Al Anderson. Trainor was introduced to former NRBQ member, Al Anderson at a music conference in Colorado. Megan’s aunt and uncle Lisa and Burton Toney, are soca musicians.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth 2018-2019

At the age of six, Megan began singing with her father at the church. She started playing the guitar, ukulele and percussion instruments at the age of 12. At 13 Trainor she wrote her first song “Give Me a Chance.” She took guitar lessons from NRBQ band member Johnny Spampinato at 15. For three years Trainor sang and played trumpet in a jazz band.

Her debut album, “Meghan Trainor,” was released in December of 25, 2009. She enrolled in the “Summer Performance Program” of the Berklee College of Music during the summer of 2009 and also in 2010. On April 16, 2010, Trainor released “Take Care of Our Soldiers” to support American troops abroad. In 2011, she released two albums “I’ll Sing with You” and “Only 17.”

The singer received the accolade for International Acoustic Music Awards, Best Female Artist in 2009, John Lennon Love Song Songwriting Contest, the 2011 Tennessee Concerts Song Contest and the Grand Prize at the 2010 New Orleans Songwriter’s Festival. “All About That Bass” was at No. 1 on the U.S. charts for eight consecutive weeks. Her single “Lips Are Moving” and “Dear Future Husband” got tens of millions of YouTube views and reached the pop Top 20 charts. Her debut album was No. 1 in charts all across the world.

In 2015 Megan had to cancel her U.S. “MTrain” tour due to health issues. She had to go through surgery for vocal cord haemorrhage. She issued a statement saying “Sadly I will need to cancel the remainder of my tour and get surgery to finally fix this once and for all. I am devastated, scared, and so sorry.” In 2016, Megan won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. She also paid live tribute to pop/soul icon Lionel Richie.

Trainor was inspired by artists like Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra, and Phil Collins. She was introduced to 1950’s music, jazz, doo-wop, and James Brown by her father. Her music style is highly influenced by hip hop and pop music blend and is often referred to as “Neo-Retro” and a mix max of R&B. Other artists that influenced Trainor are Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera, Elvis Presley, The Andrews Sisters, T-Pain, Elvis Presley, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Earth, NSYNC, Wind & Fire, The Chordettes, and Jason Mraz.

Chris DeVille of Stereogum called Megan “a very capable singer.” In 2014, Rolling Stone Magazine wrote that Megan is the year’s “Most Unlikely Pop Star.” In 2016 in an interview, Trainor stated that she is a feminist. The Guardian called the pop star “the poster girl for the larger woman” and “pop’s emblem for self-acceptance.”

Education: Meghan Elizabeth Trainor attended the Nauset Regional High School in North Eastham, Massachusetts. She studied guitar and became a substitute cheerleader at Nauset Regional High School. She attended the Berklee College of Music in the summer of 2009 and 2010.

Meghan Trainor Net Worth

Meghan Trainor net worth is around $6.3 Million. Two years ago the singer shocked everyone telling British tabloid, The Daily Star, during an interview that she was “flat broke.” It was a shocking revelation for her fans as her hit single “All About That Bass” had sold over 6 million copies and “Lips Are Movin” was the number one hit in many countries. Usually, record labels pay nine months after the success of a record which caused this financial crisis. The singer is a newcomer in the music industry and has a long road to go. Since her appearance in the mainstream music scene, she has endorsed many products.

It is known that Megan owns a few cars and other vehicles. There is no knowledge about any property she owns. The singer’s favourite brand is Chanel according to an interview.

Megan is one of the most promising singers and songwriters in the music industry. She is young and relatable for millennials. She has endorsed a few products in the recent years. Her major debut album charted number one on the US Billboard 200. She sold over one million copies. Her earnings from featuring in ads and endorsements are about $ 310,657 for the year of 2016.

Meghan Trainor’s Rodeo Houston performance was cancelled recently, and Demi Lovato replaced her. According to Hollywood gossip columns, the singer has been in the studio working on a new album. It is rumoured that she is planning a worldwide tour at the end of 2018.

Meghan Trainor has proved herself to be one of the most promising new talents in the music industry. Her hit songs and debut album has brought her many fans and funds. She is one of the most talented newcomers in the pop scene. She is a role model for young American girls and has the potential to be one of the biggest names in pop music.