Marie Osmond Net Worth

Who is Marie Osmond and what is her net worth 2018? Marie Osmond is a singer who achieved success during the 1970s and 1980s. She is also a doll designer, actress, and is a member of the Osmond family. She has also hosted the television show called ‘Donnie & Marie’ with her brother Donnie Osmond. Her best song till date is the ballad “Paper Roses”. Her family is involved in show business and also sings in a group.

Osmond has also appeared in Broadway musicals and has also authored three books in her career. She has also appeared in various TV shows and was the host of her own show called ‘Marie’ on the Hallmark Channel.

Marie Osmond Net Worth

Olive Marie Osmond was born on October 13, 1959 in Ogden Utah. She was born to parents George Virl Osmond and Olie may. She has 8 brothers and is the only daughter to her parents. Her brothers are Jimmy, Donny, Jay, Merrill, Wayne, Alan, Tom, and Virl Osmond. Her brothers are involved in show business and have performed on national TV.

At the age of four, she appeared in ‘The Andy Williams Show’ with her brothers’ act called “The Osmond Brothers”. Two of her elder brothers are deaf and are not involved in music. Her brother Donny became a teen idol in 1970. Initially, Marie was not involved in singing but later signed to her family’s record ‘MGM/Kolob Records’ and started appearing in concerts with the Osmonds.

In June 1985, Marie Osmond married basketball player Stephen Lyle Craig. In 1983, her son Stephen James Craig was born. They divorced in 1985. A year later she married Brian Blosil and has got two children named Matthew Richard and Rachael Lauren. They also have 5 adopted children. The couple divorced in 2007. She again remarried her previous husband Stephen Craig in 2011.

Marie Osmond was more into country music. In 1973, she released her first solo single called “Paper Roses”. It became a #1 country hit and received a gold status. In 1974, she released another single called “In My Little Corner of the World”. In 1976, she began co-hosting the show ‘Donny & Marie’ with her brother Donnie on ABC. Another album ‘This Is The Way That I Feel’ was released in 1977.

Osmond was also the co-host of ‘Ripley’s Believe It or Not!’ with Jack Palance for two seasons. In 1984, with RCA Records, she released “Who’s Counting”. In 1985, she recorded her studio album called ‘There’s No Stopping Your Heart’. The album included 4 tracks and 2 of it reached the #1 position on country charts. In 1986, her #1 song “You’re Still New to Me” from the album ‘Only Wanted You’ was released.

In 1988 and 1989 she released the album ‘All in Love’ and ‘Steppin’ Stone’ respectively. In 1995, her song “What Kind of Man” was released. She became a judge of ‘Celebrity Duets’ on FOX in 2006. In 2010, she released the album ‘I Can Do This’ and all the proceeds from the sale of the album went to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Her recent work ‘Music Is Medicine’ was released in 2016.

Marie Osmond has been nominated twice in the Daytime Emmy Awards. In 2006, she won the TV Land Awards. In 2010, she was named as the “Woman of the Year” by the Nevada Ballet Theatre.

Marie Osmond Net Worth

Maries Osmond became a singer at a very young age. She have ventured into several profession in her career. Marie Osmond’s net worth is an estimated $18 million. She has appeared in various TV movies and was also seen in the series ‘Maybe This Time’ in 1995. In 2004, she also had a radio show called ‘Marie and Friends’.

She released her film ‘Goin’ Coconuts’ in 1978. She is a Broadway star and has written three books. She was the host of her own television show ‘Marie’. Osmond was also a contestant in the Season 5 of Dancing with the Stars. She was paired with professional dancer Jonathan Roberts. She is also the owner of her doll line called ‘QVC’.

Marie Osmond is an expert in crafting and has also released a book on it. She is the founder of the non-profit organisation called ‘Children’s Miracle Network’.