Keith Urban Net Worth

Who is Keith Urban and what is his net worth 2018? Keith Urban is born on 26th October, 1967. Urban is Australian – American country Musician but born in New Zealand. In 1991 he released his debut album in Australia and charted four singles. Urban made his American debut in year 1999 with his second album. Urban has released total 9 studio albums and he has charted 37 singles so far. Urban is also known for his roles as a coach on the Australian version of the singing competition The Voice. He has also judged a singing competition show American Idol.

Prior to this in 1983 Urban was a contestant on the Australian TV talent show. After that Urban started making the inroads in Australian music industry with his regular appearances on various TV programs, musical programs. He has also performed duets with local Brisbane girl. They also won a golden guitar award at some music festival. He also performed regularly on stage in music club near Caboolture.

Keith Urban Net Worth 2018-2019

Urban won lot much recognition for his singing. He started offering his own signature package of guitars and accessories which will be sold through Home Shopping Network. The portal offers the guitar package twice in six months which resulted into 42000 sales. Urban becomes a frequent user of cocaine while living in Nashville. Later he have determined himself to give the habit and checked in to treatment center in Nashville for the same.

Urban is the youngest son of Marines and Robert. His father owned a convenient store. From his childhood he wanted to learn and play guitar. At age of 17 he started learning the guitar & also participated in local levels competitions also started acting in local theater company. In 2005, Urban met Australian actress Nicole Kidman at one of Hollywood event. They got married on 25th Jun, 2006. Urban and Kidman have two kids.

Education: At the age of 13, Keith Urban has attended college in Otara, New Zealand which is named as Sir Edmund Hillary College. By his age of 17 he lived with his parents in Australia.

Keith Urban Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Keith Urban is $85 million. Keith Urban is a highly regarded country music singer, guitarist and songwriter from New Zealand, who was raised in Australia. Urban has seen commercial success mostly in Canada and United States even though he remains popular in Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, he has come out with nine studio albums. Fifteen of his singles have featured on the country charts, out of which fourteen have reached the #1 position. Keith is an extremely talented person who can also play the bass guitar, banjo, piano, mandolin, drums, bouzouki and sitar.

Keith owns as many as 4 houses. First is New York Apartment which is located in 200 Eleventh Avenue, New York City. He bought this for mammoth $10 million. The second one is located at Los Angeles Country, California. The name of the property is Beverly Hills Home which is valued at $4.7 million. The third and lavish property Old Hillsboro Road Home is located at Franklin, Tennessee. This property value is $2.5 million. Bunya Hill Property is 4th house of Keith Urban.

This is located in Australia & valued $6.5 million. Urban owns a stylist Mercedes – Benz S550.

Even though Keith has been emerged as a singer he is also very popular for playing guitar & writing songs. He has also been judged couple of talent shows on television, The Voice and American Idol. He has also introduced his own signature guitar packages in year 2013. Urban has also supported lot many charity foundation for good cause.

Keith Urban had recently performed “The Fighter” on stage at the 2017 Grammys along with Carrie Underwood. They have received huge cheers from the audience as they rocked out the floor.

Keith Urban along with his beautiful wife Nicole Kidman shared a super cute moment on the red carpet at the 2017 screen actors Guild Awards on 29th January in Los Angeles.

Keith Urban is popular & successful Singer, Guitarist and Song writer from New Zealand. He has been worked in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and United States. The multi talented, Keith Urban, is also known for his good causes working for the society. Urban is associated with very many Foundations for Charity work.