Katy Perry Net Worth 2018

Who is Katy Perry and What is her net worth 2018? Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson is professionally known as Katy Perry was born on October 25th, 1984. Her parents Mauris Keith Hudson and Mary Christine Perry were staunch born-again Christians were rowdy, wild youths before being Christians.

Early Life

If you have ever looked at her and wondered about her ancestry, she is a mixture of German, Portuguese, Irish and English. She has two siblings Angela and David. As a young person, Katy probably only dreamt about being famous and rich. Her parents often struggled to provide the family with food. In most cases, she and her family ate food from the food bank where food was stored to the congregation at the church her parents were preachers.

She would frequently use her sister’s cassettes to practice singing. She would then “perform” the songs to her parents. Her parents recognised her beautiful voice and paid for her to get vocal lessons. At age 9, her parents recruited her into the church choir where she sang until she was 17. Her brother describes her as a tomboy during her teenage years.

Katy Perry Net Worth

Growing up, Katy loved singing. Her parents, however only allowed her to sing gospel songs. In 2001, she released her first album under her birth name Katy Hudson. Suffice to say the album did not do well commercially. This prompted her to move to Los Angeles, away from her parents where she began her secular music career.

While her career has been very successful, the same cannot be said about her love life. She has dated Johnny Lewis between 2005 and 2006, Travie McCoy between 2007 and 2008, Josh Groban early 2009. She then married Russell Brand in a small Indian ceremony in October 2010. The couple divorced 14 months later because Katy was not ready to have children and they both had been too committed to their careers. She is then dated Robert Ackroyd in spring 2012. She also dated John Mayer from December 2012 to 2014.

Education: Perry completed her GED (General educational development) requirements in 15 years. This was during her freshman year at Dos Pueblos High school. She attended Music Academy of the West which is located in Santa Barbara, where she studied Italian opera briefs. This is in addition to the vocal lessons her parents paid to her when she was 9 years old.

Net Worth of Katy Perry

Katy Perry has a net worth of $300 million. Since her surprise entry into the industry with her hit song I kissed a girl”, she has made herself into a musical icon, a role model and one of the world biggest female pop stars. For the past eight years, it is estimated that she makes as much as $350 million pre-taxed each year. Between June 2014 and July 2015, she made $135 million of the 124 concerts she attended in 27 countries. During this time she entered a club of self-made women by being on the cover of Forbes celebrity 100 issue.

She owns Hollywood Hills, which she and her ex-husband bought for $6.5 million. She also bought the Tribeca Penthouse at $2.7 million, also with her ex-husband Russel. She also owned the Mediterranean styled Los Angeles home. She, however, sold it at $3.39.

She owns an Audi A5, a pink smart car with her name printed on it. She currently resides in an apartment whose rent is $8,500 per month.

Even though she has only been famous for a short while, Katy Perry has managed to beat the net worth of the most famous celebrities such as Beyoncé. The reason for this is that she is a very savvy business woman. She has accepted several seven-figure endorsement contracts from companies whose products she uses. In many cases, instead of advertising, she buys shares, which allows her to have an income like she did with pop chips.

She has also starred in several movies, including the Smurfs 2 which was released in July 2013. This was a financial success and she got a big cut from it. She also has a fragrance company and has produced fragrances such as killer queen and the Mad potion which have also increased her income. She also has a line of beauty products such as Katy Kat matte.

Katy Perry has been a musical sensation since her hit single I kissed a girl. While her amazing vocals are the reason she is famous, she is rich because she makes good investment decisions that have allowed her net worth to grow steadily beating some of the industry’s most famous celebrities.