Jason Derulo Net Worth

Who is Jason Derulo and what is his net worth 2018? In 1989, September 21st in Miami, Florida was born a musician who would someday top the list as the most famous musicians in the world. This never hit the dreams of his Haitian parents who to them was born a third child in the family. Like any other child, they named him Jason Joel Desrouleaux. Little did they know that this child would someday not only bring fame to their entire family but to the whole of United States of America.

Jason Derulo is a talented singer. He started singing as early as when he would utter a few words. He is blessed with a creative mind and knows too well how to play with words to come up with great music. With a supportive family, Jason was able to realize his talent at a very tiny age. He followed his passion for music and purposed to make it his destiny. All Jason wanted from school was to know how to read and write. At the age of eight years, he started to write his own songs.

Jason Derulo Net Worth

As a teen, Jason would perform arts in schools and public places. From what other singers say about talented musicians, sings come from within them and it is the duty of the person with the talent to craft words and come up with great or shoddy music. Jason put all his attention to music. He would hang around other great musicians at the time, where he learned a few tactics and technics of writing songs.

With a creative mind and great passion, Jason started writing romantic, witty and poignant songs for other artists. Pleasure P, Pitbull and Lil Wayne are some of the artists Jason wrote songs for during those early days. These songs would hit the top in the Music industry. This success motivated Jason to write his own songs.

Jason Derulo Net Worth

Jason signed a contract with a minor recording company named “Beluga Heights.” It was time to do something for himself, he might have thought. He released a song called “Whatcha Say,” which was a debut single. This song hit the top and won him an RIAA certification of Triple Platinum. It became a number one position in the whole of US and New Zealand. He sold over 5 million downloads.

Motivated by the success in terms of fame and money which debut single ‘Whatcha Say’ had earned him, he released another debut single called “In My Head.” That was towards the end of 2009. That debut single also earned him a lot of fame and money. Jason is never the kind who settles for small; in 2011 he released yet another debut single called “Future History.” “Tattoos” was an album he released in 2013 and he also released another one in 2014 called “Talk Dirty”. Jason Derulo has released so many songs both debut single and albums. They all have given him fame and a lot of money. His net worth is $11 million. He is one of the richest people in the world. His income per year is $1.1 million.

Jason Derulo has won many awards. In 2010 Jason won two teen choice Awards. In 2011 he won an award for the best songwriter of the year for the songs “In My Head” and “Ridin” “Whatcha Say” “Replay” and “Solo”.

This, 27 years old single, Songwriter, art performer and musician has risen so fast into the world of the rich. He owns a collection of luxurious cars. Among them being, Rolls Royce Phantom. Rolls Royce Phantom was first released in 1906. It has gone through several modifications. It still wins the attraction of many celebrities a century after. The latest model was released in 2010. Rolls Royce Phantom is of a very high standard. Its engine works together with the tuned handling in order to give a level of comfort and luxury which cannot be found anywhere. It is very expensive.

It costs $300 thousand and that is before other features are put in place. He also owns Porsche Panamera. This is also a comfortable and luxurious car. It is in the same class as the brands like the Rolls Royce Phantom. It has a twin-turbo V6 which generates 310hp which makes it look like a saloon. It has gorgeous leather seats. The interior has high-quality metals that coat the cabin. Its market price is $125,000.

Lamborghini Gallard 550-2 is also part of his collection. This vehicle provides the most enjoyable driving experience. This car comes in vibrant colors. The market price for this car is $175,000. BMW i8 is another car found in his collection. This car is made of ultra-lightweight materials. Fuel consumption is lower than in all the other cars in his collection. BMW i8 has a speed of 155mph. The market price of this car is $150,000.

As expected Jason has a very beautiful house in California in which he lives. Fully stocked bars are almost everywhere, in the entrance to his 9 bedrooms, in the entrance to his 5-bathrooms and also in the compound of his home. The outdoor seating area has multiple TVs and has another bar. Jason Derulo is an outgoing person who loves to entertain and that could be the reason for the many bars all over his house.

Jason Derulo’s zeal to be at the top of whatever he does, his independent nature and high focus have worn him this tremendous success. He could be the youngest wealthiest person living in this world. Looks like he knows what he wants and will strive by all means to get it. To him, the sky is not the limit. So much is yet to come from his music career.