Garth Brooks Net Worth 2019

Who is Garth Brooks and what is his net worth 2019? Garth Brooks or Troyal Garth Brooks is considered as a celebrated American country singer and songwriter. He was born on 7th February 1962 in Oklahoma. Being one of the enthusiastic songwriter and singer, he created fusion by integrating modern day elements into the traditional country genre. His works have become highly popular in the United States at that time.

Brooks’ passion had not only directed him towards great success in the field country music but also paved his way to create blockbuster album charts and live performances. His music composition had everything- rock and roll, jams, country music and some essence of pop as well. Let’s get into details about his assets net worth and family.

Garth Brooks Net Worth

Net Worth of Garth Brooks

Brooks’s childhood wasn’t something interesting except the fact that he was the youngest of all his siblings. His father Troyal Raymond Brooks, Jr, was a draftsman, and mother Colleen McElroy Carroll, was a country singer of that time. As a child, Garth was totally into music and learned to play various musical instruments like banjo and singing. His mother being a singer herself encouraged him to sing and play.

Thus a wave of music was created inside him since his childhood. This wave brought him immense success in the field of music and composition after 20 years. His success in the musical field brought about a rise in his net worth, making it $290 million.

Brook’s is not only a noted singer and composer but also a great player. Since childhood, he was quite interested in sports and athletics. Football and baseball sprints were his favorites among all sports. Only because of his sports he received a sports scholarship to Oklahoma State University in Stillwater. So it’s needless to say, Brooks is a professional player as well. Later In 1998, Brooks went ahead launching “Touch ’em All” Foundation in collaboration with major baseball leagues. Soon after,

He signed with the San Diego Padres for baseball training in 1998 and 1999. But he wasn’t in shape anymore for the team. So he concentrated on his musical career leaving his games behind. His assets would have doubled if he had best of both the worlds. His properties include houses, cars and studios like pearl records and ghost tunes. Although much information regarding his assets isn’t clear but judging by his net worth, Brook’s assets won’t be any less.

Garth success wasn’t just music or live performances. He achieved success in various fields some of them are:
Music and composition:

• No Fence
• Roping the Wind
• Beyond the Season (1992)
• The Chase (1992)
• In Pieces
• Fresh Horses
• Sevens (1997)
• Garth Brooks in The Life of Chris Gaines (1999)
• Garth Brooks and the Magic of Christmas (1999)
• Scarecrow
• Man Against Machine (2014)
• Christmas Together (2016)
• Gunslinger (2016)
Films and tv shows
• Nashville beat (1989)
• Hee haw (1990)
• Empty nest (1991)
• Mad about you (1994)
• Sesame street (1995)
• Muppets tonight (1996)
• Saturday night live (1998)
• Behind the music (1999)
• The voice (2016)

Brooks surpassed the Beatles as the top-selling singer in 2014. Not only in music, Brooks was also famous for his charity. His foundations include:

• Touch ‘em all foundation
• Top shelf
• Touch down

Throughout his lifetime he received many awards and received wide acclamation. According to RIAA, Brooks became the first every musician to achieve 22 academy of country music during his lifetime. His other awards include:

• 2 grammy awards
• Billboard music award
• Country music association award

Brooks’s family include his wife Trisha Yearwood, and three daughters August, allie colleen, Taylor mayne. Initially, Brooks married Sandy Mahl. Later Brooks and Mahl separated the year 2000. Soon after, Brooks remarried to country singer Trisha Yearwood. Now Brooks is a grandfather to August and his fiancé chance Michael Russell daughter- Karalyn. His youngest daughter is 21 years old and is currently rumored to be the upcoming musical sensation.

Garth Brooks’s life has been a musical journey through various ups and downs like the musical tune. Yet his music is still famous among all generations of people. His songs of the 1980’s are still considered as the golden music till date.