Don Henley Net Worth

Who is Don Henley and what is his net worth 2018? Don Henley is a singer who is best known as the founding member of the band ‘Eagles’. He is also a songwriter, drummer, and producer. He was a band member of Eagles from 1971-1980 and again from 1994-2016. With Eagles, he has given a number of hits including “Hotel California”, “Get Over It”, “Desperado”, “The Long Run”, “Life in the Fast Lane”, “Witchy Woman”, and “Best of My Love”. Henley is also a solo artist and has released a number of singles including “All She Wants to Do Is Dance”, “Not Enough Love in the World”, “The End of the Innocence”, and “The Boys of Summer”.

Donald Hugh Henley was born on July 22, 1947, in Linden, Texas. He was born to parents C. J. Henley and Hughlene Henley. He went to Linden-Kildare High School where he used to play percussion and trombone. In 1965, he went to Stephen F. Austin State University and then to North Texas State University. He quit school as his father was having heart disease. When in high school, he joined the band ‘Four Speeds’ with his friends. The band was later renamed to ‘Felicity’ and then to ‘Shiloh’. They recorded a few songs under both the names. In 1971, the band disbanded after having differences within the members.

Don Henley Net Worth

Henley has been in relationships with Loree Rodkin and Stevie Nicks. He was engaged with Maren Jensen and broke up in 1986. In 1995, he married Sharon Summerall. The couple has three children together. The family lives in Dallas, Texas.

In September 1971, the band Eagles were formed. In 1972, they released their debut album which included the single “Take It Easy”. Henley’s wrote many songs for the band, his first song to be commercially successful was “Witchy Woman” with Bernie Leadon. He teamed up with Glenn Frey began from the song “Desperado”.

He provided lead vocals in some of the popular songs for Eagles including, “Best of My Love”, “Wasted Time”, and “Hotel California”. In the 1970s, the Eagles went on to become the most successful rock bands in the world. They are the highest selling band of America of all time. In 1980, the band broke up due to personal tensions. After the breakup, Don Henley released his first solo album called ‘I Can’t Stand Still’. His single “Dirty Laundry” peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Another album called ‘Building the Perfect Beast’ was released in 1984. The album included many hit singles and reached in many chart lists. Henley’s next album called ‘The End of the Innocence’ was released in 1989. The album became successful and had many hit singles. He released another album called ‘Actual Miles: Henley’s Greatest Hits’ which had the single “The Garden of Allah”. He reunited with Eagles again in 1994. In 2007, they released their last album called ‘Long Road Out of Eden’.

Henley has won a number of awards in his career both as a solo artist and with Eagles. Individually he has won 3 Grammy Awards and 6 with Eagles. In 1998, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with Eagles.

Don Henley Net Worth

Don Henley became a founding member of the rock band ‘Eagles’ which is the best rock band in the world. He has sung many popular songs both for the band and as a solo artist. Don Henley’s net worth is an estimated $220 million. He attributes this wealth to the sale of his albums.

Eagles have sold more than 150 million albums globally. It also gave 5 No. 1 singles and 6 No. 1 albums. They are a biggest selling band in the history of America. As a solo artist, Henley has sold more than 10 million albums. He has released seven albums with Eagles and as a solo artist, he has released 5 albums. He has also performed duets with other artists.

Don Henley has been estimated as the world’s fourth wealthiest drummer. He is the founder of Walden Woods Project. He is also the co-founder of Caddo Lake Institute which is a non-profit institute. He co-founded Recording Artists’ Coalition which helps to protect musicians’ rights.