Chris Brown Net Worth 2019

Who is Chris Brown and what is his net worth 2019? Christopher Maurice “Chris” Brown is a beloved American singer, song – writer and a dancer. Born on 5th May 1989 in a small town named Tappahannock in Virginia, U.S. This African – American artist has a huge number of fans all over the globe. But this was not how it all started. He was the second child in the family and was born to Joyce Hawkins and Clinton Brown who were a day care centre director and a corrections officer in a local prison respectively.

Early Life

Since childhood Chris showed interest in singing and would often sing in church choir every week and other talent shows. His mother did not recognise him as a vocalist until one day she saw him mimic Usher’s performance of ‘My Way’. From then on she started looking for an opportunity to showcase her boy’s talent out to the world. His got a break when Hitmission Records who came to his father’s shop in search of new talents. Lamount Fleming of Hitmission provided training to the young artist while his team arranged their New York contacts for a record – deal. He signed his first official contract of Def.

Chris Brown Net Worth

Jam Recordings, New York under the manager Davis who is currently the artist’s personal manager. In 2005 the artist released an album under his own name that topped the hit charts followed by his second one “Exclusive” in 2007 which proved to be on fire too. There was no stopping after that, Chris went ahead and sung more blockbuster songs like “With You”, “Forever”, “No Air” and much more. But his fame didn’t last long, he was sentenced five years in probation and six months of community service when he was found guilty for a felony for assaulting of his girlfriend ‘Rihanna’.

But his next album “Graffiti” made the public forget about his past and they started loving him again as before. His fan followings even grew stronger after the launch of his fourth album “F.A.M.E” in 2011 which topped the billboard 200 list and went ahead and earned him his first Grammy Award. Apart from singing Brown also gained popularity from television and films. Some of his notable works are “The Christmas”, “Takers”, “Think like a Man” etc.

Education: The famous artist did his schooling from Essex High School in Vermont but, by 2005 the star quitted and went to New York to pursue his dream career in music. Chris brown would have never achieved the position he is in now if he decided not to quit school.

Net Worth of Chris Brown

With seven albums and a bunch of endorsements, TV appearances and concerts in his name the net worth of the vocalist is estimated at a total of USD $54 million with albums contributing a major part of it.

Fan of Fan: The album (Deluxe) – $5,244,755
Fan of Fan: The album – $4,261,364
X (Deluxe) – $3,246,753
X files – $2,435,065
X – $2,078,714
Carpe Diem – $1,893,939 etc.

The multi – talented artist holds a number of assets including a lot property and cars. He owns a mansion in Los Angeles, California in the affluent Hollywood hills area which is spread over a massive 2400 sq. Ft area consisting of 3 bedroom and 3 bathrooms, a luxury kitchen, a tall living area and a guest bedroom and is just 8 – miles away from his ex – girlfriend Rihanna’s mansion. The value is estimated at USD $1.5 million.

The vocalist seems to be crazy about cars as he owns a number of really expensive cars namely Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder worth USD $220,000, a Lamborghini Aventador worth USD $400,000, a Porsche Panamera worth USD $187,583, a range rover worth USD $93,000, a Porsche Turbo S and an Orange Chevy Impala estimated at USD $28,000. In addition he owns a shocking 14 Burger King Restaurant chains. He surely is living a king size luxurious life.

The celebrity can be observed singing in concerts held worldwide and his performances on stages. A huge amount is charged for each appearance of the superstar. Moreover, he has signed various brand endorsement contracts with a number of big companies like Avianne Jewellers, BAPE (A bathing Ape), Black Pyramid, Childsplay clothing, Double mint and much more that adds a decent number of zero’s in his bank account. Plus earnings from his Burger King restaurants also adds up to the massive amount. Not to mention his earnings from Magazines shoots, sponsorships etc.

Chris kick – started his career at a very young age and is continuously giving super – hit songs since then without any break. Looks like the vocalist has a lot of music left in him and is nowhere near the finish line. His back to back hit albums are an ideal example for everyone in the industry. The industry has also appreciated the super – talented artist by nominating him for many awards out of which many were won by him. He has an ever – growing fan base world – wide which keeps on increasing with every new song or album he comes up with.