Adele Net Worth 2018

Who is Adele and what is her net worth 2018? Did you know Adele is a self made woman? Well, yes. You heard it right. None in her family had any sort of music heritage and she realized her potential at an age as early as 15. Born on 5th May, 1988 , she eventually attended the performing arts at BRIT school. Her mother was always a great source of inspiration for her.

Some of her popular Hollywood tracks which were received well among her fans include Skyfall , I Can’t Make You Love Me ,I Miss You, Lay Me Down, Sweetest Devotion and last but not the least, I Miss You. Her songs are more youth oriented and seem to focus mainly on relationships, heartbreaks and one sided love.

Apart from her immense success in music industry, she is also known for her extensive philanthropic work. She has been associated with some organisations like Amnesty International . She is also said to have helped many charities by earning sponsorships for them through her concerts.

Adele Net Worth

Some of the achievements in Adele’s music career include winning of eight Brit awards, an academy award, a Golden Globe Award, ten Grammy awards, eighteen Billboard awards, five American music awards and the list is never ending. She has already established herself as a successful singer cum songwriter with time and is now a renowned international singer known all over the world.

Education: Adele’s passion for learning music can be traced to her early childhood days. She realized her immense interest in learning music when at the age of 15, she came across the collection of Etta James and Ella Fitzgerland at a shop.In one of her interviews, she admitted that they were an true source of inspiration to her and her quest to learn music began after that.

It was as early in 2006 that Adele got a chance to sign her first music contract with XL recordings. Her first debut album, 19 became an immediate among the crowds. Then, her two popular lead singles “ Hometown Glory” and “Chasing Pavements” led to her rising fame. Adele’s commercial success in Saturday Night Live added another feather in her cap. It was in 2009 that she took home The Best New Artist Award at the Grammy Awards. In the same year, she received the title “Sound Of 2008” by BBC and also earned the Critics Choice Prize at the BRIT awards. This proved to be a kick start to her music career and in no time she has achieved indefeasible feats in the music industry.

Adele Net Worth

Adele has an estimated net worth of $135 million. Did you know that Adele owns a pricey mansion in Sussex, England? Yes, you heard it right. Adele lives in a mammoth mansion which is approximately $11 Million. The splendid features of her mansion include marvellous furniture which blends beautifully with her living space features like white walls and ceilings. Apart from this, she also owns luxurious cars like Volkswagen Sharon. She is also associated with some of the richest earning brands like Sony and Volkswagen .Also, she made $75 million dollar fortune with Rolling In The Deep. No wonder that she figures in the top 10 Richest Celebrities of Hollywood.

There are rumours that Adele would beat Beyonce for the biggest awards on these 59th Grammy Awards which are soon to be held at Staples in Los Angeles. It is being predicted that Grammy voters may have chosen to vote for Adele’s “25” over Beyonce’s “Lemonade” . Among the categories of “Song of the Year”, it is again expected that Adele would take the lead with “Hello” which may win against other popular songs like “ Formation” “Love Yourself” “7 years” and “I took a Pill In Ipiza” which have been nominated.

Undoubtedly, she currently stands at the zenith of her career. Someone has rightly said that if you have the courage to chase your dreams, the sky is not the limit for you. Adele stands as an outstanding example of making her dreams come true despite all odds. She is an inspiration to all those young girls who wish to listen to the voice of their hearts.