Young Thug Net Worth 2018

Who is Young Thug and what is his net worth 2018? Popularly known as Young Thug, rapper Jeffrey Lamar Williams is an American rapper based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He is very popular for his unique style of rapping and for a superb on stage personality and unique fashion taste. Jefferey came to the limelight with a string of collaborations which helped him cement a name for himself in the rapping industry.

He has also released a couple of mixtapes that catapulted his popularity and his popularity peaked in 2014 with a number of singles and mixtapes being released.

Young Thug Net Worth

Early Life

Jeffery Lamar Williams was born on August 16, 1991, in Atlanta, Georgia. He was born in a huge family with loving parents. He was actually the 10th child to his parents making their household quite lively with 11 children. He was raised in the Jonesboro South Projects, an area famous for the slew of rappers and musicians who rose to fame from there. This included 2 Chainz and the very popular Ludacris. Rapper Pee Wee Longway also came from this area and was, in fact, a close friend of Williams apart from being his neighbour.

With so many instances of inspiration to take up music as a career option, it was only normal for Jefferey to take up rapping as a profession. He was inspired by the success stories of famous rappers from his own locality from a very young age and decided to take up rapping. He excelled at rapping and even perfected a unique style of rapping which was deemed to be very unconventional at the time and brought him fame and success. His success could largely be credited to the locale he grew up in as his mix tapes would receive constructive criticism and he could work on becoming a better rapper.


Jefferey’s unique style is not limited to his songwriting or his verse delivery, rather he has an amazing voice and the ability to change pitch mid-verse and even experimented with a variety of voices in the same verse. He would change from a whine to a shout to a slur all the while rapping making his a one of a kind style of rapping. His vocal chords have often been compared to a wind instrument for all the different voices he is able to change to.

Jefferey’s career started officially in 2011 when he started releasing a series of tracks from a single mix tape in installments. This was his card to fame as his tracks were noticed by fellow Atlanta rapper, Gucci Mane. Gucci went on to sign Jefferey to his own label, 1017 Brick Squad Records. Under the label, Jeffrey released his fourth track under the series making his stage name Young Thug popular. The mixtape, titled ‘1017Thug’ was well received by critics and it featured in several top tracks list in 2013. FACT even went as far to call it the best track of 2013.

The following years were very busy for Young Thug as a rapper as he went on to release several tracks and mixtapes that were well received. He also collaborated with Calvin Klein for their fashion brand in fall 2016. He recently made an announcement that he would release a self-titled album ‘Jefferey’ in August of 2016. His album was critically acclaimed for its original style.

Net Worth of Young Thug

His net worth is $8 million. He doesn’t have any assets that he flaunts publicly but he currently rents a house in Atlanta for 15000 dollars a month!

Young thug has seen a steady growth as a rapper and has worked hard to ensure that his net worth keeps on rising as is evident from his current net worth.

Young Thug has his amazing vocal ability to thank for his phenomenal success in this otherwise tough industry. He identified his strengths and played accordingly. This helped him achieve great success in life as well as in the industry. He is also known to be a lavish spender but when it comes to music, he reveres his profession and makes no compromises.