Stitches Net Worth 2019

Who Is Stitches and what is his net worth 2019? Stitches is an American hip-hop recording artist. He’s from Miami, Florida. Before he adopted the name Stitches, he was known as Lil Phil. One of his best-known songs is ‘Brick in Yo Face”. He became famous after singing this song. He released his debut album on November 24, 2015. He named his album For Drug Dealer Only. His first mixtape “No Snitching Is My statement” was released back in 2014. After that, he released his debut album “For Drug Dealers Only”. He is one of the top five recording artists in Florida.

Early Life

Stitches were born as Phillip Nickolas Katsabanis to Esther and Alexander Katsabanis on June 17, 1995. He is the youngest of three siblings. He has two older brothers named Dimitri and Alexander II. He has Cuban and Greek ancestry. His parents got divorced when Philip was just one year old. Philip and his brothers grew up in a normal suburb environment in Miami Beach, Florida. His mother Esther worked as a health insurance broker. Philip and his brothers grew up in a two floor, three bedroom townhouse. Esther remarried twice after divorcing Philip’s father, but none of her marriages lasted. While growing up, Philip was the entertainer of the family. He loved singing and dancing. Philip moved out of his mother’s home when he was 14. He is married to Erica Duarte and has three children.

Stitches Net Worth

Education: Stitches attended G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School in Florida. While studying there he became a drug dealer and was arrested ten times as a minor. But he doesn’t like to provide the details of his action as a drug dealer. He got expelled from the high school he attended in the first week of his freshman year, for punching the Principal of the school.

Net Worth of Stitches

Philip Nickolas Katsabanis aka Stitches has a net worth of $1 million. Most of his net worth comes from his music album and shows. The famous record company TMI Gang Entertainment signed him to record and releases his songs under their level. He also earns a lot of money from the stage shows. Some of his net worth also comes from the management fees and businesses.

When Stitches was 11, he was introduced to cocaine and he started earning by becoming a drug dealer. After he found success in the music industry, he is no longer able to continue his drug dealing business. He makes $5000-$10000 for a single club appearance.

He was known as Lil Phil when he was younger. At 16 he got his face tattoo like a stitch across his cheeks which were inspired by The Joker of Batman comics. After that, he inked a tattoo of AK 47 in his face. His first music video” My name is Lil Phil” came out when he was 15. That video was shot using a mobile camera. His first mixtape “No Snitching Is my statement” was released on April 25th, 2014 and the mixtape was hosted by DJ Ace. After three days “Brick in Yo Face” video was released on various site. He also collaborated with Trinidad James and Diplo. Some of his mixtapes are-

• No Snitching Is My Statement (2014)
• Brick Bible (2015)
• Supply & Demand (2015)
• The Trap House-EP (2017

He Also Released The Following Album-

• For Drug Dealers Only (2015)
• Tales Of A Drug Lord (2016)
• Cocaine Holiday (2017)

• During a show, Stitches called up some girls on stage and snorted cocaine with them His wife Erica had to show up there and she called off the show as earlier as possible.

• He has a habit of ending his shows early. Sometimes he just walks off the stage abruptly ending the show.

• On January 2016, he got evicted from his apartment because of the due rental.

• On 2017, he got arrested for gun possession, drug dealing, and felony charges.

According to his family members, he was very soft-spoken and loyal as a child. He named his name stitches because of the stitch like tattoo on his face. His songwriting style is heavily inspired by his drug dealing days.