Riff Raff Net Worth 2019

Who Is Riff Raff and what is his net worth 2019? Horst Christian Simco was popularly known as RIFF RAFF, Jody HIGHROLLER was born on 29th January, 1982 in a town called Houston, Texas. He was born to Anita Simco and Ronald Simco, his father Ronald Simco was a police officer and also worked as Walmart manager.

Early Life

RIFF RAFF was 2nd of his four siblings. His family used to live in a copper field which is 25miles northwest of Houston. In his childhood he was obsessed with basket ball and frequently used to play with his friends. Later his family moved to Stone Creek, which had little bit of bad reputation with gangs in that area.

Riff Raff Net Worth

He attended Langham Creek High School and he played as shooting guard in his school’s basket ball team but eventually dropped out of school, around this time his parents divorced and his father moved to Duluth, Minnesota for being diagnosed with tonsil cancer and his mother used to stay in Houston, Texas only. From then all his siblings and RIFF RAFF used to shuffle between two towns.

Then he enrolled at Hibbing Community college, Minnesota in the year 2001, he played in a basket ball team for a month there and was majored in liberal arts, eventually he dropped out of feeling out of place. It was during 2003, at this time he decided to clear it from south and he got a job in Houston, painting cars it was known for painting them in vogue involves candy-coloured colours and he developed his own style. In 2005, he made a big move to Los Angeles, where he hooked with Italian manager, DR da Boss who had a studio which allowed him to do some recording.



In 2005, RIFF RAFF started his music career by making CD’s with his own rapping over other artists beats and selling them in various shopping malls and colleges occasionally in Houston. In 2008, RIFF RAFF uploaded and released his songs, sketch clips and free style rapping videos in social media’s such as YouTube, Myspace and Worldstar hiphop with the help of his first ever manager, DB da Boss who had a recording studio. In a interview with LA Weekly RIFF RAFF’s manager DB da Boss said that “He was very driven, very ambitious. You couldn’t deny his work ethic”. With a strong desire and intention to get on television, he went on many auditions including peanut butter commercials intended for teenagers and also tried for P. Diddy’s, Making the Band.

He flew to Atlanta and auditioned for MTV’s reality show “ From G’s to Gent’s”. Before that show’s second season has begun he tattooed a big MTV logo on his neck but he was eliminated on the 2nd episode of that season. In 2011, RIFF RAFF started releasing more music videos and was managed by OG Ron C and moved to Los Angeles. In the same year RIFF RAFF signed with S.O.D Money Gang Inc. ( Soulja Boy’s record label ) but no paperwork was ever signed. Later after a year RIFF RAFF left SODMG for a reason that they didn’t pay him. He released ‘Bird on a wire “, a music video which had one million views in two months, which also listed as 27th best song of 2012 by Complex music.

In 2012 he signed with Mad Decent record label. On 25th August, 2014 RIFF RAFF’s album Neon Icon was included on their list of “27 Must Hear Albums of 2014” by Rolling Stone. He was also featured on several singles. On 24th June, 2016 he released his second studio album “Peach Panther”.

Net Worth of Riff Raff

It is estimated that RIFF RAFF has a net worth of $6.5 million. In April, 2016 RIFF RAFF signed a partnership deal to assist in building “ an entertainment empire “ for a staggering $4 million with BMG and Stampede Management. This recent deal with BMG have brought RIFF RAFF personal wealth to $5M at least. His earning also comes from his YouTube channel, Jody HIGHROLLER which had more than 170 million views and also RIFF RAFF’s earnings before 2016 were more than 675,000 dollars annually.

He purchased a mansion in Las Vegas and he named it as “The Codeline Castle” which has a purple pool and patio and has five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a basket ball court and a weight lifting room, for $1.3 million in October 2015. This rapper like other stars also had many luxurious sports cars like Aston Martin worth $200,000 brought from DJ Skee, a Lamborghini and a brand new Porsche Panamera 911 which he brought for $1 Million in 2014. He also released tracks and videos via Myspace and YouTube using the name MTV RIFF RAFF which contributed major part in his earnings.

Starting from bottom and became commercially successful despite of many obstacles and controversies, RIFF RAFF lead a life which he always wanted to live and dreamt of and also proved us that with hard work and commitment we’ll always get what we want and not what we need.