Remy Ma Net Worth 2018

Who is Remy Ma and what is her net worth 2018? American rapper Remy was born as Reminisce Mackie on 30th May 1980 born in Bronx area New York. Ma’s growing up days was far from being stable or peaceful as she saw her family’s endless trauma and struggle against drug abuse. But she took to herself as far as dignified upbringing of her siblings was concerned. Her two sisters named Rameesha Blount and Kristin Devereaux have found the much needed love and parental support from Ma who acted as their surrogate mother.

Using this drudgery of life as tool, she articulated the challenges of her life in well crafted poems that soon brought her reputation and gifted her mentor of sorts in MC Big Pun. MC Pun’s much needed guidance and repertoire gave her the first big break in the industry with her appearance in Pun’s album Yeeeah Baby.

Remy Ma Net Worth

Pun’s death in 2000 due to his long battle with obesity temporarily halted Ma’s career but she did manage get signed to Universal Records thus becoming member of big MC’s coveted Suicide Squad. Although Remy Ma’s first hit was Lean Back (2004) which also stayed at number one spot in Billboard Hot 100, she had to wait for her studio debut album “There’s Something about Remy: Based on a True Story” till 2006. The album had two well received singles namely “Whatevea” and “Conceited”. Both singles managed to stay in Billboard Top 100.

Remy Ma is on the distinguished list of four female rappers who have had their single at the number one spot on Billboard Hot 100.

In 2008, this American hip hop artist married rapper/songwriter Papoose in the most unlikely of venues; courtroom! Remy and Papoose have a son named JaysonFrom the time she made her debut, controversies mostly legal in nature have tainted Remy Ma although she is still very much a name to reckon with in hip hop industry.

Net Worth of Remy Ma

Remy Ma is one of the four female rappers ever to have number one spot for their single. With such unique feat in her records book, she becomes a celebrity with net worth $0.6 million. Moreover, Remy Ma has also stepped in the world of television with a role in Love & Hip Hop: New York for sixth season. The female rapper is sitting pretty with such earnings due to her labels Terror Squad and Universal as well.

Reminisce Smith aka Remy Ma has had a spate of controversies and legal battles which could have stalled her career forever. Perhaps the most shocking case was her getting serving six years of imprisonment when she was proven guilty of arms possession and assault Makeeda Barnes Joseph.

Smith had accused Barnes Joseph of stealing $3000 which led to an altercation and shooting of firearm. She was also found guilty in witness tampering following which she had to serve six years in Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for New York and she married Papoose in jail confinements. Smith was finally released in 2014.

The Grammy nominated rapper got no respite from Makeeda Barnes Joseph who filed $80 million civil lawsuit for all the physical and mental losses incurred. However, Smith has long been part of other controversies and many feuds right from the start of her career. Her first big face off reported in the media was in 2004 when she belittled Foxy Brown in an interview. Reports of this feud surfaced once again in 2005 when it reached to the point of Remy Ma punching Foxy Brown. This war of words escalated once again, this time Foxy brown getting rash with her words.

In 2007, Remy Ma locked horns with Nicki Minaj with the former taking offence of the latter’s song “Dirty Money”; a song that Ma felt was an insinuation of her personal life. Though Minaj never confirmed that she dissed that song purposely on the rapper but Remy Ma announced that she would give a befitting reply to Minaj with a songn some day!

• Her net worth saw exponential rise between 2012 and 2013 when she surpassed her future hubby Papoose. While her 2012 net worth was $775,000, the year 2013 and 2015 saw it go up to $1 million and $1.5 million respectively. What’s interesting is the fact that she was in prison serving her sentence this whole time!

• Prison also served as the venue of her education’s nirvana as she claims to have earned her associated degree in Sociology.

Life in the world of showbiz for Remy Ma has been both rewarding and controversial. In this new age of tech savvy haters, Remy Ma too has been hit hard. But in the recent chain of events, she decided to take the hate brigade head on via her official Twitter handle. In a series of tweets using profane language Remy Ma made it clear to her haters that no inane posts shall be entertained in her page. The hip hop singing sensation has already been in the center of news for her duel with Nicki Minaj. Ma is currently enjoying all the adulation received for her latest album Plata or Plomo.