NBA Youngboy Net Worth 2019

How much is NBA Youngboy’s Net Worth in 2018?  NBA Youngboy is from Barton Rouge which is in Los Angeles, America. His real name is Kentrell DeSean Gaulden. He was born in the year 2000 which makes him 18 years old. Youngboy is considered to be the new rawest rapper in the entire Barton Rouge.

Early Life

He had a rough childhood as his parents died in an accident. He was then raised by his Grandmother. He mostly spent his childhood in the northern part of the Barton Rouge. When he was 4 years old, he broke his neck while imitating a wrestling move. A Few years ago, his grandmother passes away which broke him completely from inside.

NBA Youngboy Net Worth

Education: NBA Youngboy was never really that good at his educational background. He suffered from a heart ace when his grandmother passed and during that he was pursuing the education in the local school of his town Barton Rouge. He dropped from the school when he was in the 9th grade and decided to become a street side rapper. He started writing his songs and soon came up with wonderful music lyrics. He earned few bucks for his living by participating in club rapper competition and he was paid for his appearance on a daily basis, soon his talent was spot by other rappers too.

Net Worth of NBA Youngboy

NBA Youngboy exploded with his hit song in the year 2016-2017 and he has done an exceptional work and he has lived up to the expectations. The net worth of the young rapper NBA Youngboy is estimated to be around $450 thousand. The young rapper’s hard work has paid him off well and frankly, he can be considered to be one of the successful rappers among teenagers in the entire Los Angeles. Many rappers from Rouge Barton has considered him to be an upcoming legend in the rapping industry.

NBA Youngboy is one among the richest teenage rapper in the entire America. He is currently living in a rental house along with his friends but 18 years old rapper possess a Bible Belt which has got him a little bit of popularity. But yet his freedom that was granted by the law came at a very high amount where rapper had to pay 20% of his earnings to the government. He will be adding many new items in his wealth inventory soon.

NBA Youngboy is currently not involved in any sort of brand endorsements. The major source of income is from his rapping and amateur songwriting skills that he possess. He is more likely to come up with a huge stable which includes all the rappers from his hometown Barton Rouge. Soon he may sign the contract with multiple records company where he can perform many single tracks. He is also likely to become a songwriter and a record producer at the company.

Before the fame of being a successful rapper, He had problems with the law in the town. He was found guilty for his commitment towards a criminal act. He was arrested by the law enforcers in the town called Austin which is in Texas. He was taken away on the charges of Murky. But soon he was released by the law enforcers on the terms of bail and he continues the journey as a rapper. His freedom came at the cost of few dollars and it was certainly a lesson for the young rapper.

NBA Youngboy has got a lot of fame for his tracks like 38 baby, He has signed contracts with multiple record companies. He also featured in the song “Trap, Trap, Trap” sung by the thug rapper Rick Ross and got the attention of many other rappers.He will be back with few more songs this year.

NBA Youngboy is surely one rapper to watch in the future. The 18 years old teen had got a lot of fame in very short period of time and let’s hope he stays out of trouble for a while.