Metro Boomin Net Worth 2019

Who is Metro Boomin and what is his net worth 2019? Leland Tyler Wayne AKA Metro Boomin was born in St. Louis, Missouri on 1993. He became since then a great record producer, DJ, and songwriter. His first contact with music was playing bass guitar when he was in school, however, when his mother bought him a laptop he downloaded Fruity Loops and started making beats. When he was in high school he was making more than six beats on daily basis.

At first, he wanted to rap, so he made beats in order to rap over. After a while, he decided to turn his full attention to music production, specifically of hip hop music. As time went by, he became very skilled in production, so he began to build his name through social media on Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud and Facebook because he wanted to connect with established rap artists.

Metro Boomin Net Worth

Early Life

When he was in high school often his mother would drive him to Atlanta to collaborate with different music artists he met through the social network. One of the first rappers who sang over his beats was Tay Don from Bricksquad. After the deal with him, he started working with other Bricksquad artist and eventually he started his main collaboration to this day, with Future.

After the immediate success, he started to go frequently to Atlanta so that he could pursue a career in music production. The first popular rapper who sang on his beats was OJ Da Juiceman, and that collaboration led to working with Gucci Mane. When he finished high school he moved to Atlanta in order to attend College where he studied Business Management. However, his dream made him flush the college and to become full-time producer and songwriter. In that time he collaborated with all important artists from Atlanta and South, such as Ludacris, Future, Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, Gucci Mane and many others.

Net Worth of Metro Boomin

Metro Boomin has estimated net worth around $7 million. His main earnings were from the music industry, most of them for production, songwriting, and beats. He collaborated with every single rapper from Dirty South and made his unique mark in all these songs.

He is widely known for his constant collaboration with Future. They worked on a song called “Hard” and on numerous other songs from Future albums.

In 2013 he announced his first mixtape with name “19 & Boomin”. It was filled with artist such as Gucci Mane, Trinidad James. He released on website LiveMixtabe, with original songs and some of them were released as videos afterward.

In 2014, Young Thug announced album with Metro Boomin that was called “Metro Thuggin’”. It was released in 2015 and he produced single that features Kanye West. He was also a producer for future mixtape “Monster”, and he appeared for the first time in single “Commas”.

Metro Boomin’ was an executive producer for Drake and Future mixtape “What a Time to Be Alive” and he produced all tracks from the mixtape. He was also credited for Future’s mixtape “Purple Reign” from 2016.

Even though he lived in a suburb of Atlanta, he became someone in the rap industry and hip hop scene. He is one of the youngest recognised producers who collaborated with many popular artists. He produced singles for Travis Scott, Ludacris, and Future. Young Thug announced full-length album with Metro Boomin.

He was widely known for the frequent use of trap deep bass that made his signature sound. After he produced song “Hard” for Future, since then he made a “Karate Chop” one of the greatest hits from Future and his possibility to enter into a big league.

This young mind has a long way to go, and he made more than a hundred songs, beats, and production for such a small time. After all, he became a legend of the trap and we could just wait for him to take over a bench and to become a successful entrepreneur like Jay-Z and Dr. Dre. Even though, he quit his college in order to pursue his dream, at the end he was successful because of his hard work and enormous talent. We can all say that he is one amazing producer and just to wait for his next projects.