Master P Net Worth 2018

Who is Master P and how much is his net worth 2018? The American rapper is a man of many talents; he is as an actor, businessman, author, filmmaker, investor, philanthropist, record producer and a former basketball player. He relaunched his ‘No Limit Records’ as ‘New No limit Records’, which is currently, known as ‘No Limit Forever Records’. His fifth solo album ‘Ice Cream Man’ which was released in 1990’s, garnered him lots of fame. Apart from his solo career, he can also be recognized as a member of 1990’s hip hop group ‘TRU’.

His 1998 release ‘MP Da Last Don’ is considered his best commercial and critical work till date. It topped Billboard Top 200 and sold more than 400,000 copies in just a week. Master P won American Music Award’s ‘Favourite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist’ Award in 1999. He gained #28th spot by BET for ‘The Most Influential Rappers of All Time’. He is ranked at 36 position in the ‘50 Greatest Hip Hop Artist’ list by VH1. In 2013, Master P became the first rap hip hop artist whose named has been inducted on ‘Louisiana Music Hall of Fame’.

Master P Net Worth

Early Life

Percy Robert Miller was born in 1967 on 29th April in New Orleans.He was born and raised in the Calliope projects of the American State. He is the eldest amongst five siblings, which includes his sister Germine and three brothers, Kevin, Corey ‘C-Murder’, who is a platinum selling rapper and Vyshonne Millers, who is also a rapper.

Master P married Sonya C. Miller in 1989. Together the couple has 7 children, which include Cymphonique Miller and Percy Romeo Miller Jr. However, the couple separated in 2014, calling it quits on their 15 year marriage.

Education: He completed his schooling from Booker T. Washington High School, later joining Warren Easton High School. He actively played basketball since his school days. Master later entered University of Houston, with an athletic scholarship, but soon dropped out of the college to switch to Merritt College, Oakland to get a major degree in business.


He has been professionally active in the entertainments industry since 1988 and has experienced all divisions of the business. Master P is known for his deep aggressive tone enunciation, which focuses on reflecting real life struggles through his story telling rhythmic technique. He has written songs on drugs, poverty police brutality, social injustice and hope. He has ample amount of diversity in his work, to satisfy every fan’s taste.

Miller inherited a share of $10,000 after his grandfather’s death, which he used to open a record store ‘No Limits Records’, which later became the first step to opening a record label. He made his rapping debut in 1991 with his first album ‘Get Away Clean’.

Since the rapper has launched almost 20 albums in his entire career, which include ‘Mama’s Bad Boy’, ‘The Ghettos Trying to Kill Me!’, ‘99 Ways to Die’, ‘Only God Can Judge Me’, ‘Good Side, Bad Side’, ‘The Gift’, ‘Ghetto Bill’, ‘Empire, from the Hood to Hollywood’, etc. He released his independent album in 2005, which was titled ‘Living Legend: Certified D-Boy’.

Net Worth of Master P

The American rapper makes money not just through his singing career, but is also known as successful investor and entrepreneur. His record stores ‘No Limit Records’ which he opened from his inherited wealth motivated him to open a record label with the same name. Since then he has transformed those $10,000 into $250,000. The net worth of Master P is estimated to be worth $390 million. He is earning money through multiple talents, be it rapping, acting, production or investments. He has made over $20 million alone with his album sales. His record label and conglomerate, also helps him earn millions. In 2013, Forbes declared him the third richest hip hop artist of all time.

As a Business Model

Apart from his rapping, he is also the founder of ‘No Limit Record’ label. He owns P. Miller Enterprises and was also involved in the production of an online television series named ‘Better Black Television’.

He has been a member of a hip hop group named ‘TRU’, since the early 1990’s which helped him gain more recognition. He is also a former professional basketball player, who played for two NBA teams; Charlotte Hornets in 1998 and in 1999 for Toronto Raptors. In 2008 NBA McDonald’s All Star Celebrity Game, he scored 17 points.

He is actively involved with charities supporting the society, with his P. Miller Youth Centers and P. Miller food Foundation, which aims to serves the homeless. He created another organization ‘H.O.P.E. NOLA’ with Robert Pack in 2016, which helps males aged from 12-15 to learn and get skilled in basketball.

He is actively involved in politics since 2007 and can be seen encouraging voter participation. He is a supporter of former US president Barack Obama. In 2010, he hosted an event with his son Romeo, and Michelle Obama on Anti Obesity in America.

His track ‘Brick to a Million’, gained negative attention, as fans interrupted its lyrics to be ‘diss’ against Lil Wayne and Kanye West. Despite, Master P’s attempts to dismiss any such claims, Cash Money Records (Lil Wayne’s label), still seems to have issues with the rapper.

One of the best rappers in the world, Master is seen with high esteem by fellow rappers. Rappers like 2 Chains and Usher, pay tribute to the star, calling him a great influence, which helped them in achieving their dreams. He is a true legend and holds a legacy of great lyrical masterpieces.