Logic Net Worth 2019

Who is Logic and what is his net worth 2019? Sir Robert Bryson Hall is known with his stage name as Logic. Logic was born on 22nd January 1990. He is an American rapper, singer, song writer and record producer. Logic showed his interest and passion towards music in early of his teenage only. He had ventured into the same in early year 2009 and released a mixtape in year 2010. He then signed with Visionary Music Group. Prior to joining the group Logic had released two more mixpates. And this accumulated Logic s worldwide attention by year 2012.

In year 2013 Logic went forward with releasing of his fourth mixtape. At the same time he has finalized a recording contract and released his debut studio album in year October 2014. His second album was released in year 2015. It was a hit and commercial success too. Critics have praised Logic for his dedication and involvement into the production of the album. They have called it Logic’s best album till date looking at his introspective lyricism and flexibility as a hip hop artist.

Logic Net Worth

Logic is highly influenced by F. Sinatra even though he is a hip hop artist. Logic started loving music and formed his love for singer from a childhood when his mother made him to watch black and white movies. Logic himself mentioned that various forms of entertainment across many platforms have influenced him. To concentrate into music as a full time occupation Logic has broken out his five year romantic relationship in year 2009.

Later in year 2015 Logic gets married to J. Andrea who was a singer and Logic’s then girlfriend for two years. Logic was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland. His father’s name is Robert Bryson Hall. He is an American – African Maryland native. Logic’s mother is Caucasian. Logic mostly brought up in West Deer Park which is neighbourhood of Gaithersburg. Both the parents of Logic are addicted towards cocaine and alcohol. Being in the atmosphere Logic knows how to manufacture and produce crack cocaine.

Education: Logic was born in Gaithersburg, Maryland. He bought up mostly in neighborhood place called West Deer Park. Logic attended Gaithersburg High School. But he could not been graduated. Logic was started skipping the classes and due to this he has been debarred from school. Also, he is not good at study and failed in almost all subjects except English. The teachers were given up on him.

Net Worth of Logic

Logic an American rapper, singer, song writer and record producer is having estimated net worth of $6.5 million. Most of the income from his total net worth has come up from his fourth mixtape and the two studio albums which he released. He has also worked with many other big name artists throughout his young career. Logic had a very tough childhood. He is from a very common and poor family. Due to dynamic nature and being a multi talented Logic has overcome from the same and became a successful rapper and singer. At present he is having stable family life. Currently, he is working on some new projects as well that may likely to give him more success and can contribute a lot into his wealth.

Logic is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer. Being from a very uncommon background Logic has been very successful towards his career in short span of time. As of now he has released four mixtapes and 2 studio albums. Currently, he has been working on some other new projects which are again expected to add floors in his bouquet.

Being from a poor and uncommon family Logic has overcome from the situation very early. He is a popular rapper, singer, song writer and record producer. As of now Logic has released four mixtapes and two studio albums.