Lil Dicky Net Worth

Who is Lil Dicky and what is his net worth 2018? David Andrew Burd, also known as Lil’ Dicky, was born in a Jewish family in Cheltenham Township in Philadelphia. He went to a Cheltenham High School and the University of Richmond and then he moved to San Francisco where he worked as an account manager in an advertising agency. It was stated that he brought a monthly report as a rap video, once, and that amazed company that they brought him to work as a copyrighter for ads.

Lil Dicky has a unique style of rapping as a combination of comical with relatable. The main topics are satirical ideas about everyday occurrences and experiences. He crafts his video by himself around those topics in order to create a better narrative but to stay funny and appealing. He wanted to make a response to egotistical ideas of today’s hip hop culture. He didn’t want to rap about trivial things such as gangsta topics, but he wanted to make a point and to make people remember what rap is really about.

Lil Dicky Net Worth

This great comic and rapper started using hip-hop as a medium for his comedian and actor performances. He is a multi-talented person with lots of different talents so that was the reason he succeeded in this world. However, from the beginning, he used rap as a possibility to say something important and to be heard by the general public. After he lost all his money on videos and songs, he made a crowd funding event on Kickstarter in order to continue to record. In that moment he found out that his videos have really made an impact on viewers and fans, so he got more than he wanted.

After that, he began to tour and to record new material in order to achieve popularity. With a major contract with a record company that gave him a freedom to pursue his dreams as a comedian, too.

Lil Dicky Net Worth

Lil Dicky has an estimated net worth of $4.6 million. At first, he initiated a rap career only on a comic level, in order to get attention. He has worked on his music videos and songs before he began releasing them one by one, as a part of his first mixtape “So Hard”. When he released song “Ex-Boyfriend” his video went viral and in one day it received more than a million views.

For five months he released every week one song and posts it on YouTube. He released 32 songs and 15 videos and after that, he launched crowd funding period on Kickstarter with saying that he is out of money, and needs it for a rap career. His idea was to make up to $70K in order to produce more videos, music and go on touring. He extended his goal when he raised $110K.

His first concert was at TLA on 2014 and after that, he signed a record contract with CMSN. His main goal is to achieve two different careers: one as a comedian/writer/actor and one as a rapper. On summer of 2015 Lil’ Dicky released his first album “Professional Rapper” with numerous features such as Snoop Dog, Rich Homie Quan, T-Pain and much more.

Initially, he wanted to make his stage name as DAB, which means David Andrew Burd. He was also involved in ghostwriting and script writing, however, he was not credited yet to any major movie, however, we can expect from him even more. He was inspired by Donald Glover, from whom he got the stage name. Apart from Weird Al Yankovic, he introduced a new style rap comedy.

Even if he tried and succeeds to combine rap and comedy he still finds that people don’t understand him well and that they easily get offended and annoyed. However, he got recognition for his act by Busta Rhymes and The Game, even if his idea of rapping was hilarious and maybe purposely amateur.

When we think about Lil’ Dicky we just see a clown persona who wants to make out day better, but we don’t get that under that mask lies one genius artist who can become greater than any other rapper alive. His satirical combination of music, lyrics and video make everybody feel different, so we can expect new videos and greater laugh, and who knows maybe he becomes real actor and comedian.