KSI Net Worth 2019

Who is KSI and what is his net worth 2019? YouTube is one of the largest social media platforms with millions of hours content being uploaded every year. People who use YouTube to reach out to their fans and subscribers and produce fresh content on a regular basis are called YouTubers and one of the most subscribed YouTuber is KSI. KSI goes by the online alias KSIOlajideBT and he is a content creator, performer, rapper and even a comedian.

KSI is one of those rare YouTubers who is very talented and this explains his high fan following. KSI is an avid gamer and most of the videos he uploads on YouTube feature commentaries on games and lives gameplay. He recently ventured into the music industry as well and released a single in 2016. KSI’s debut EP ‘Keep Up’ peaked at number 1 on the United Kingdom’s Rhythm and Blues Chart!

KSI Net Worth

Early Life

KSI was born on June 19, 1993, making him barely 23 years old now. He was named Olajide William ‘JJ’ Olatunji and even incorporated his first name Olajide into his online alias. Olajide was born in Watford, England in the United Kingdom. From a very young age, KSI showed interest in online gaming and wanted to become one of the experts in the games he played.

In fact, he even got his online alias from the group he played online games and video games for which was called KSI. Olajide grew up along with his brother Deji in England and they both grew up to have an amazing sense of humor. They both made the right decision by working on their skills and honing them for better performances. Deji is now a YouTube content creator as well with his own gaming shorts channel with a bit of comedy sprinkled here and there.


Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, more and more people realised the potential of having a platform to speak out and express their opinions and ideas out. YouTube was a boon for all the extroverts out there with several channels gaining huge popularity and an even bigger fan following. JJ entered the YouTube scene early in 2008 with a channel called JideJunior which is still active to this date.

This channel did not bring much recognition to JJ and it was more of an unofficial channel for him. He launched his main channel on 24th of July, 2009 and he uses this account as his main account now. The first video he uploaded on this channel under the alias of KSI was a video about the FIFA game franchise and how the game ranks in respect to other games.

2012 was probably the worst year for KSI as he was involved in a sexual harassment claim that ruined his credibility and banned him from the Eurogamer Expo. His team later clarified that he was judged on the basis of a previous video that he had uploaded but had immediately taken down.

KSI was branded as a sexist even though he is not such a person and this made some of the brands he endorses cut all ties with him. He spoke out saying that his content was one of a kind and unadulterated and that the brands and products who he endorses should look at his positive side and not the negatives.

The taint of 2012 was removed the very next year with KSI making a video titled KSI vs. FIFA where he plays against the computer and scores an astonishing 190 goals in all! This was a huge record and KSI would go down in the history books for this achievement. This unique achievement made his fans forget all about the controversies he was riddled with and pay attention to his work. After his record 190 goals, Guinness World Records Gamers Edition named him in their records section for his unique feat.

In October of the same year, KSI would sign a deal with Polaris. During the same time, he teamed up with five other YouTubers to form a group called Ultimate Sidemen. The next year, in 2014, KSI played a match with Virgin Gaming’s co-founder himself who lost to KSI and his unmatchable skills. He also went into discussions with YouTube to start a paid channel subscription program since his content was very well sought after.

Net Worth of KSI

KSI has a net worth figure of $5 million. This money mostly comes from YouTube which pays him on the basis of the number of views he has for each of his videos. Since all of KSI’s videos cross a million views easily, he is able to maintain an average annual income of around $1 million dollars. He also gets close to half a million dollars from endorsement deals.

As for assets owned, KSI is known for his love of supercars but is yet to get himself any. If we were going by hints he has dropped while rapping, he might be buying a Lamborghini soon enough!

KSI is an inspiration to all those aspiring YouTubers out there who are hesitant to start a YouTube channel because they aren’t confident of themselves. All they need to see is KSI’s success on YouTube! KSI literally gets paid a million dollars a year for playing video games! As he does video game commentary, he has a large fan following all of whom are avid gamers. In short, KSI is a man who had a dream and set out to achieve it and he did, in a big way!