Katt Williams Net Worth

Who is Katt Williams and what is his net worth 2018? Micah Sierra Williams or Katt Williams is an America-based standup comedian, rapper, singer, actor and voice artist who was born on September 2nd, 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. He is known for his roles in Friday after Next and My Wife and Kids. He is also very famous for providing his voice infamous video game Grand theft auto IV. He is a multi talented artist who has worked in several films, TV shows and has also sung lots of songs in his career. Due to the work he has done so far, he has managed to get a lot of recognition all around the world.

He has been working in the industry since the year 1996, which means that he has worked for more than 20 years in the industry now. And in these 20 years, he has made sure that he gives his best work to people so that his fans doesn’t get disappointed with his performances. Many of us don’t know that he was a street vendor in his early ages and got the break after lots of years of struggling.

Katt Williams Net Worth

He is the father of 8 children, seven of which are adopted and 1 is from his ex-wife. As he has managed to work in so many TV shows and films, he has gathered a good amount of money for his livings. People around the world want to know that what are the earning sources of this 45 years old talented movie star and what is his net worth. So, let’s dive deep into his life and gather more information about him.

Katt Williams Net Worth

This talented actor and singer have lots of work to do and have worked in so many shows and films in his career of 20 years. And the work he has done till now has managed to make him famous all around the world. This popularity has led him to earn a lot of money. As he is very popular among people, we can assume that he has worked in several brand endorsements as well.

So, his income comes from various TV shows he does, various films he does, various brand endorsements he does and the songs that he has sung. All these works have given him a reason to smile as his current net worth is around $11 million, which is a huge amount for any celebrity. As the star has a lot of talent in him and people love him for his brilliant comic timing, he will get a lot of work in future. And with this work, he will be able to fetch a lot of money for him which will be added to his net worth.

Katt Williams is one of those people who love to spend money. The star has lots of love for a lavish lifestyle and it can be seen with the fact that he gifted two cars worth $400,000 to beanie Sigel and Lil Mo. But you all will be very shocked to hear that even after a lot of research we were unable to find any source or report that could show about him owning a car. We know that it is impossible for a person like Katt to not have a car, but it can be said that doesn’t own one because of the lack of reports.

Similarly, we have found out that, there isn’t any property around the world that is listed on his name and thus we can say that the star doesn’t own any house or property as well. It is possible that the car and the house that is having right now might be gifted by someone or might be at his family member’s name. It is a bit surprising that even with a net worth of $11 million, the star doesn’t own any other luxurious asset as well.

He has gained a lot of popularity while working in various TV shows and films and here are a few of them.

• Friday after Next in 2002
• Dumb and Dumberer: When harry met Lloyd in 2003
• Rebound in 2005
• In 2006, he worked in Repos.
• In 2007, he worked in Roast of flavor flav, Norbit, The perfect holiday, American Hustle: the movie and Epic movie.
• In 2008, he worked in First Sunday, it’s Pimpin’ Pimpin’.
• In 2009, he worked on Lonely Street.
• In 2010, he worked in Cats& Dogs: The revenge of Kitty Galore.
• In 2012, he worked in Kattpacalypse and the Obama effect.
• In 2013, he worked in Scary Movie 5
• In 2014, he worked in Priceless: Afterlife and School Dance.
• In 2017, he will be seen in the film Bastards.

TV Shows

• In 2002, he worked in TV show named NYPD blue.
• In 2004, he worked in The Tracy Morgan show.
• In 2004-2005, he worked with my wife and kids.
• In 2005, he worked in Girlfriend and Cuts.
• From 2005 to 2008, he worked in The Boondocks.
• In 2007, he worked in Nick Cannon presents Short Circuitz.

In spite of these TV shows and films, he has sung plenty of songs as well.

He loves to spend time with his family and we all know that he carries a lot of love for his family. Here is the detail of his family.

• Spouse – Eboni Gray
• Son – Micah Williams
• Daughter – Leanne Williams

This was everything about your favorite star Katt Williams. As he carries a lot of talent with him, we are sure that he will make a lot of money in the future as well.