Jim Jones Net Worth 2019

Who is Jim Jones and what is his net worth 2019? One of the most famous rappers and hip-hop artists based in the New York City are is Jim Jones. He is among those Hip Hop artists who aren’t satisfied with a single career. Jim Jones considers himself an entrepreneur and as such he has his hand in a whole variety of pies from video production to tapping to music production! Apart from being a proficient musician, Jim also has his own sports team and is a bit of an actor having acted in movies and Reality television series. He is also a fashion designer having created his own line of clothes called ‘Nostic’.

Early Life

Jim Jones was born as Joseph Guillermo Jones the second but is now popularly known either as Jim Jones or as CAPO. He was born on July 15th, 1976 in The Bronx, NYC. He later moved along with his family when he was little so he was technically raised in Harlem, New York. He had an interesting mix of parents with his mother, Nancy Jones, being Aruban and his father, the first Joseph Guillermo Jones being Puerto Rican.

Jim Jones Net Worth

Jim attended Catholic school but was later expelled for loitering and theft. He used to sell candy he stole from a shop at school which led to his expulsion. He was mainly raised by his grandmother; Nancy’s mother. Jim showed an early interest in Hip Hop music because this was the time Hip Hop was gaining popularity and Jim wanted to go along for the ride and decided to become a music producer.


Jones dropped his debut album in 2204 which instantly became a hit propelling him into stardom. His debut album was titled ‘On My Way to Church’ and peaked at number 18 on the US top 200 and was placed 4th on the Hip Hop albums chart. This gave a popularity boost to Jim and he knew he had made the right decision coming into music. He became a celebrity over night and his album was played everywhere!

This motivated him to produce a super hit second album as well and he did! His second album was called ‘Harlem: Diary of a Summer’ and it topped the Hip-Hop Billboards and came third in the US top 200! Fans were overjoyed and Jones was making new fans rapidly. This helped him sell almost 350,000 copies of his second album which helped him increase his earnings tremendously.

2006 was another big year for Jim as this was the year he released his third commercial album, ‘Hustler’s P.O.M.E (Product of my Environment) which became a runaway success. This album featured one of Jim’s best songs to date which was ‘We Fly High’. This song was super popular because of its catchy tunes and a unique dance move that took everyone by storm.

Riding on this wave of popularity, Jones released his fourth Studio album in 2009, titled ‘Pray IV Reign’. Jim had already produced three spectacular albums all of which topped the US billboards charts and this album was no exception. Pray IV Reign peaked at number 9 in the US top 200 Billboards Chart.

Net Worth of Jim Jones

Jim Jones has a net worth of $11 million. Jim is a versatile entrepreneur apart from being a good musician. He made forays into different fields trying to capitalise on his popularity from his hugely successful music albums. It is very unusual for an artist to produce successful album after another but Jim managed to do it which helped increase his net worth up to $11 million! He is also multi-talented and does several different projects at the same time ensuring a steady flow of income from different sources.

He has worked on several projects on and off screen which increased his net worth. He even has a clothes line which he designed personally. Currently, he is working on a reality television series along with his fiancé.

It is pretty clear that Jim’s popularity will not fade away anytime soon because he keeps himself in the now and works on his public image. He is currently starring in a reality TV series that will follow the preparations for the wedding between him and his fiancée Chrissy Lampkin. Jim Jones is a perfect example of a person who had a dream and saw it through. It did not matter that he had ambitions in several different fields, he established a name for himself in one field and went on to follow his other dreams!