Hopsin Net Worth 2019

Who Is Hopsin and what is his net worth 2019? If you like rapping or if you are a rapping enthusiast yourself, you must have surely heard of Hopsin the rapper. Hopsin is the stage name of Jamal Hopson and he is an accomplished rapper, record producer, director and actor based out of Los Angeles, California. He is an American rapper probably best known for popularising white colored contacts in his eyes to look unique and to differentiate himself from his fellow African American rappers.

Hopsin credits his interest in the rapping industry to Eminem who gave him reason to rap and which is why he is such a big celebrity nowadays. Hopsin has also founded two record labels, most recently Undercover Prodigy in 2016. He released a total of four albums through his first record label, Funk Volume.

Hopsin Net Worth

Early Life

Marcus Jamal Hopson was born on the 18th of July, 1985 in Los Angeles, California. He was raised in Panorama City in Los Angeles and he attended James Monroe High School. When he was at school he wasn’t a great student and scored below average which made the school put him in special education classes which would give him extra attention which he required. He would stay back after school to attend these classes. In 1997, Jamal discovered a new found interest in skateboarding and decided to train himself in the sport. He would skateboard everywhere and developed his skills so much that he was confident showcasing his abilities in the music videos he made for his songs later in life.

Four years passed and Jamal took up rapping as a hobby when he saw Eminem in action and became inspired. A couple of years later Jamal decided that he wanted to become a professional rapper and began devoting all of time towards rapping. He also decided to adopt the stage name of Hopsin as a tribute to his last name. He downloaded FL Studio onto his computer so that he could produce the songs he would sing.

He honed his rapping skill and produced many a verse. He even bought a microphone so that he could record his raps perfectly. 2004 was senior year for Jamal, now known as Hopsin in some places but he decided to drop out of high school and pursue music as a full time profession. These were the years Hopsin produced a lot of his top tracks. He also adopted a unique style that set him apart from his fellow rappers which involved him wearing white colored contacts on stage and at interviews.


The Hopsin’s debut unofficial album was way back in 2003 when he recorded a series of songs and released them in a small number. This album is very hard to get now and even though a leaked version appeared online later on it is incomplete and has extra songs so it is not the original album. This album was called Emurge and was one of Hopsin’s best works at the peak of his song producing skills. He later became part of Ruthless Records in 2007 and immediately started working on an official debut album named ‘Gazing at the moonlight’.

Ruthless Records at that time was in a very bad financial state and Hopsins album was all set to bring back the record label to life. However they gave little to no aid to Hopsin for his album which meant that his album released on October 27, 2009 with little or no promotion and soon after, Hopsin released himself from the label because he was not supported enough nor was his album promoted enough. Later that year, Hopsin teamed up with Damien Ritter to found a new independent record label called Funk Volume which recruited its first member soon after, Swizz who was Damien’s brother.

They collaborated on a mix tape Haywire which could not be sold for retail purposes unfortunately as Hopsin was still part of Ruthless Records and under contract. Over the years, Funk Volume and Hopsin himself have had a lot of successful albums and mix tapes. In the year 2012, Hopsin became famous for his appearance in Tech n9ne’s music video for the hit song ‘Am I a Psycho’. Hopsin also became popular on YouTube with several song releases and he achieved levels of popularity he had only dreamt of before.

Net Worth of Hopsin

Hopsin is estimated to be worth $3.5 million which is quite adequate for someone who has been in the industry with very little official releases. His net worth figure does not reflect his popularity as he is quite popular in the rapping industry. Hopsin’s major source of income is from his independent record label Funk Volume. However Funk Volume has been disbanded and Hopsin has already founded a new record label which will keep bringing in the money.