Gucci Mane Net Worth 2018

Who is Gucci Mane and what is his net worth as of 2018? It is an amazing coincidence that you find practically every rapper having some links with crime. An overwhelming majority of rappers have gone to jail because of various reasons. Gucci Mane is also one of them.

Early Life

To begin with, Gucci Mane is the stage name of American hip-hop artist Radric Delantic Davis. Born on 12 February 1980 (Age: 38) in Bessemer, Alabama, Gucci lived with his single mother in Atlanta. Like many other hip-hop artists of his time, Gucci Mane started writing songs and rapping when he was very young. He released his first song La Fare in 2001 and distributed more than 1000 CD’s free on the streets of Atlanta.

Gucci Mane Net Worth


He linked up with various record companies such as SYS Records, Big Cat Records, and Tommy Boy Records. He formed his own label LaFlare Entertainment along with producer Zaytoven. Lake many rappers before him, he tried his luck in New York but came back empty handed.

He had talent. Some of his rap songs started hitting the Top 20 numbers at the Billboards frequently. One of his numbers, ‘Freaky Gurl’ peaked at #12. In between his hip-hop numbers, he shot a couple of videos as well. This is the era of mix tapes. Gucci Mane signed up with Warner Bros Records in 2009 to churn out these mixtapes on a regular basis. One of his singles, ‘Wasted’ started becoming very popular topping the charts at #3.

A period in prison followed this initial burst. After his release from prison, he changed the label name to 1017 Brick Squad Records. The next album to roll out of the Gucci Mane stable was the Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted. In 2013, Gucci released the first group compilation, Big Money Talk. Tempers do fly in rap songs. One such altercation between members of the Brick Squad Monopoly and 1017 Brick Squad resulted in the cancellation of the deal with Atlantic Records and the disbanding of the band.

Gucci Mane was going through a low period at this time. He had problems with drugs and alcohol as well. Gucci gas also acted in a couple of films such as ‘Birds of a feather’ and ‘Spring Breakers’.

Coming to legal issues concerning Gucci Mane, the list could go on for long. He faced charges of drug possession and consumption in 2001 and served about 90 days in a county jail. In May 2005, a gang of thugs attacked Gucci mane and his friends. They fired back in self-defense killing one of the thugs. Gucci surrendered to the police pleading that the firing was an act of pure self-defense. Due to lack of sufficient evidence, the courts acquitted him. However, in October 2005, he did not plead guilty for an attack on a nightclub promoter. The courts sentenced him to a six-month jail term.

September 2008 saw the police arrest Gucci again on charges of violation of probation. He had to serve a year in jail for this offense. They released him from jail on 12 May 2010. In November 2010, the police arrested him again for traffic violations. He had charges of battery, aggravated assault, reckless and disorderly conduct slapped against him. He was released from prison on 11 December 2011.

In spite of serving numerous jail sentences, there were no signs of improvement in his behavior. The police arrested him again in 2013 for assaulting some of his fans during his concerts. In between, he faced charges of felony and illegal possession of firearms.

His songs have also courted controversies on numerous occasions. Many people have been hurt by some of his insane lyrics. He had problems with members of his 1017 Brick Squad Records as well. In addition, he has faced problems with taxation, etc.

Education: Not much information is available about his education. However, if you judge his behavior, it is difficult to imagine that he might have had any kind of education at all. You have just to refer to the charges filed by the police against him. It goes to show that he might be an uneducated brat.

Net Worth of Gucci mane

Gucci Mane had an estimated net worth of more than $15 million. His visits to jail entails that he loses time for recording songs. In fact, he has written most his songs while in jail. He earns his living through his songs. He has a clothing line in his name as well. The income from these sources also adds up to his net worth.

Gucci Mane might have spent more time inside jail than outside it. However, that did not stop him from earning sufficient income to have a couple of luxury cars in his name. He owns a Bentley Mulsanne and a Ferrari. Once, he had adorned his teeth with gold. He is reported to have a couple of properties in his name as well.

It does not matter whether he is educated or not. He is a popular singer having released many successful albums. He has a clothing line in his name as well.

Gucci Mane might have had more releases from prison than from his singing stable. He has spent a major portion of the past six to seven years inside jail rather than outside. However, one must concede that he is a talented individual. Had he been a person of good character, he might have become more popular than ever.