Eminem Net Worth 2019

Who is Eminem and what is his net worth 2019? Marshall Bruce Mathers III who bears a professional name of Eminem was born in St. Joseph, Missouri on 17th October 1972 to Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr, and Deborah Rae Nelson. His parents were both members of Daddy Warbucks band.

After a few years of marriage, his parents separated, and the father moved to California leaving Eminem with his mother. Life was never easy for the both of them especially after his mother bore his half- brother Nathan.

They could hardly afford the core and lived separately with family members. They moved to Missouri and lived in several places. When Eminem was a teen, he made several attempts to find his father by writing letters to him but no success. During his youth days, Eminem and his mother lived in a lower-middle-class Detroit neighborhood. This place was dominated by the black and Eminem would be bullied and some timed beaten up by the black youths.

Eminem Net Worth

Early Life

During his early days, Eminem liked telling stories. He didn’t know what he wanted to be and aspired to be a comic-book artist until when he came across hip-hop. He first heard a rap song from his mother’s half -Brother Ronnie Polkinghorn who on realizing Eminem’s passion became his mentor. Eminem did all sorts of jobs to help his mother pay the bills. Eminem began rapping at the age of 14 with a friend called Mike Ruby. They would sneak in the nearby schools for a lunchroom freestyle rap battles.

They would attend open mic contests on West 7 Mile at the hip-hop shop. It was not easy for Eminem because he was trying to succeed in an industry that was dominated by blacks. Nevertheless, Eminem is not the kind who gives up easily. The first album Eminem recorded, the infinite, was a total commercial failure.

He worked on his rhymes and sounds. After a time of hard work, Eminem reputation grew, and he started being invited by another well- known rappers. He first joined New Jacks, but they disbanded after a short while. He then joined Soul Intent, and they together released a single featuring Proof.

They then joined four other rapper groups and formed a group known as The Dirty Dozen. Eminem in his struggle to raise high joined with different individuals and broke with others. He became more famous when he came up with “Slim Shady,” a violent alter ego where he expressed about drugs, murder, rape, mental instability, and violence. He also talked about marital and family difficulties. Eminem moved to Los Angeles after being evicted from his home.

It was while here after a Rap Olympics which earned him a second position that Dr. Dre founder of Aftermath Entertainment hired him. Eminem slowly started to be famous and successful. In 2002 Eminem show was released and it was a total success. They sold over 1,332 million copies in just one week. From there it was success after success for this husband to Ann “Kim” Scott and father to his daughter Haile Jade Scott Mathers.

Eminem specializes in rapping. This is the business that has earned him all the money he has. He has risen from a very low financial class to be among the top 50 richest people in the world.

Education: Eminem spent three years in ninth grade because of poor grades. He went to Lincoln High School but dropped out at the age of 17 years. He did not like mathematic and social studies. He liked English, but he never took literature classes.

Net Worth of Eminem

Eminem has a net worth of $230 million. He has broken all chains of poverty to rise among the top 50 richest people in the world. It is unbelievable that this slim shady looking person once used to cook and wash dishes to make a living. After releasing Slim Shady in 1997, Eminem drew the attention of Dr. Dre. This was a total turning point for Eminem who with the help of Rapper Dr. Dre and others succeeded in everything he did.

Eminem’s background has taught him the importance of investing. He owns several mansions in different parts of the world. In 2003 he bought a mansion worth $4,750,000. He owns a black Cadillac Escalade which is his favorite. Cadillac is one of the most luxuriant ca brands today. Eminem also owns Hummer H2 among other cars.

Eminem never loses his focus even when encountered by a difficult situation. For instance, his daughter was born when he was trying to rise in the rapping industry where he was facing intimidation because he is a white. But all these problems did not make him lose focus, and that is how his success came about. He is also an independent, hard working person with a human heart. After they had parted ways with his wife a second time, he took custody of his daughter and also the child his wife had fathered with another man.