Dr. Dre Net Worth

Who is Dr. Dre and how much is his net worth? He is considered one of the greatest producers of hip hop and rap music, one of the greatest rappers of his time and an investment savvy personality. Dr. Dre has not only been the figurehead of Beats but also is the mentor of legendary rappers like Eminem and 50- Cents.

Andre Romelle Young was born on February 27, 1965, at Compton, California, the US to Theodore and Verna Young. After his parent’s divorce in 1972, his mother remarried and added three siblings for Dre which include brothers Jerome and Tyree and a sister Shameka. Later his mother married Warren Griffin which added three stepsisters and a stepbrother who later became Warren G. Andre has four sons and two daughters from five different woman which include:

Dr. Dre Net Worth 2018-2019

• Cassandra Joy Green( mother to Curtis Young)
• Lisa Johnson( mother to La Tanya Danielle Young)
• Jennita Porter ( mother to late Andre Young Jr.)
• Michel’le (mother to Marcel)
• Nicole Threatt ( mother to Truice and Truly)

Dre has had an uphill career from the start along with a few bumps and cracks on the way. His early albums feature violence, yet cautionary tales of the criminal mind. His N.W.A record Straight Outta Compton became an underground hit without any support from the radio, press or media. He has started off the careers of various big time hip hop artists like 50-Cents and Eminem who have dedicated a lot of songs to the man.

Education: Dre started attending Vanguard Junior High School in Compton but later transferred to Roosevelt Junior High School due to gang violence. For high school he went to Centennial High School in Compton, but due to poor grades transferred to Fremont High School in South Central Los Angeles. How do poor grades matter when a legend was in making?

Dr. Dre Net Worth

Before taxes and spending, Dre earned over $800 million through the past decade, a figure unmatched by any other hip hop artist over the time period. His net worth is over $800 million and ranks among the top 5 hip hop moguls of all time. With his lucrative deal signings and investment savvy personality, he might reach the billion dollar mark very soon.

It is hard to stay humble when you rank second on Forbes Five of hip hop artists. So, Dr. Dre does himself a few favours now and then to showcase the big fat fortune he is sitting on. He has paid a reported $40 million for New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s 14,000 square feet Brentwood mansion which features a moat, sweeping terraces and an infinity pool among other luxury retreats.

In 2015 he sold his property of over 9600 square feet at Hollywood Hills mansion for $32.5 million. His other properties include a $2.375 million eight bedroom home at Woodland Hills, a $12.5 million property at Billionaire’s Beach spanning over a good 8000 square feet and a $14.5 million Hidden Hills property. The tycoon has an exclusive house which is situated on the Coast Highway in Malibu.

Like his protégé Eminem, Dre likes to ride in style and has the suitable vehicles to pull that off, which include:

• A Hummer H2 worth over $53,000
• A Crysler 300s worth over $75,000
• A Bentley Continental GT worth over $250,000
• A Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe worth over $450,000

Dre even has a private jet and a yacht entitled “Naia”, which Dre either chartered for a few weeks or owns.

Dr. Dre has had a successful music career as any other hip hop artist, but his gargantuan fortune can be attributed to the ambitious business ventures he set outside or with an indirect link to his music career. After unfortunate incidents at Ruthless Records, he partnered up with “Suge” Knight to create Death Row Records. Later due to opinion and creative disputes he left the company and formed his own label, Aftermath, and partnered with rock engineer Jimmy Iovine’s Interscope Records.

Later he formed his own company of premium headphones, Beats, which was making over $1.4 billion in revenue back in 2013. He also started Beats Music next year to capitalise on the booming streaming service market. Later Beats was bought by Apple for a whopping $3 billion, which fetched Dre a reported $630 million, his career’s fattest pay check.

Dr. Dre Songs, Albums and Films

The world knows about his talent. He is a nonpareil talent a man who has created history. Dr. Dre has a lot of successful albums to his name which includes:

• N.W.A and the Posse (1987)
• 100 Miles and Runnin’ (1988)
• Niggaz4Life (1991)
• The Chronic (1992)
• 2001 (1999)
• Soundtrack for The Wash (2001)
• Compton (2015)

Dre appeared on the silver screen in 1996 in the bank robbery film Set It Off. Later he also appeared in the movies The Wash and The Training Day.

The legend can never go unnoticed. He has given us wonderful tunes and to enjoy that hip-hop music, Dr. Dre has brought great music alive with Beats by creating the most amazing range of headphones. Beats by Dr. Dre is surely going to create a huge buzz. However, in 2016 the Rap God was handcuffed by the sheriffs. It started when a motorist who had parked outside the exclusive Malibu house and the 51 year-old legend was accused of pulling out a gun and threatening to leave the place. But no gun was found by the officials.

The world can never stop praising the talent of this rap mogul. He is nothing less than a God to this world. Neither the fans nor the pages of history will ever forget him. Hail the Legend!