Ted Cruz Net Worth

Who is Ted Cruz and what is his net worth 2018? Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is an American politician who was a candidate for president’ ship in the United states election in the year 2016. He is an attorney who has been the senator of state Texas. Ted Cruz has many achievements in his bag. He started his education at the University of Princeton and studied law at Harvard Law School in the year 2005. He started working as a lawyer and served in various positions in the years 1999 to 2003. He was the Domestic Policy adviser in the year 2000 to George Bush for his presidential campaign. He was an assistant to the legal team and worked on drafting pleadings, working on the Bush V/s Gore case with the Supreme Court of Florida which resulted in 2 wins for the team.

Greg Abbott, the Texas Attorney general, appointed Cruz as a solicitor general of Texas, where he served from 2003 to 2008. He is known to be the longest serving, Solicitor general in Texas. He also had an adjunct experience as a professor where he taught law at the University of Law in Texas. He took up Supreme Court Litigation as his subject of teaching.

Ted Cruz Net Worth

Ted Cruz has known to have worked towards his dream every single day, he ran for the seat of the senate in July 2012, which was vacated by Kay Bailey. He defeated the state representative in these elections and won with 56% majority. He started his campaign in March 2015 and was highly popular with above 50 conservatives along with a decent appeal to the millennial and libertarians. His victory was huge and it was the first time a Hispanic won U.S Presidential caucus. He was in fact seen as a challenge to Donald Trump. He decided to not run for the 2016 elections following his defeat to trump in Indiana.

Ted was born on 22nd December 1970 in Alberta. His father was Cuban American and mother was of Irish and Italian descent. Cruz parents separated for a brief while only to reconcile and lived in Houston after that. They divorced when Ted was in law school. He has two half-sisters from his father’s earlier marriage. In school, he was a part of Free Market Education Foundation which was a program that taught philosophies of Milton Friedman and Frederic Bastiat to high school students.

He did Bachelors Degree from Princeton and went on to study law at Harvard. He was the primary editor of the Harvard Law review while he was there. His professors recall that he was ‘Off the chart brilliant’ during his time at Harvard. Cruz married in the year 2001, his wife Heidi Nelson an investment manager at Goldman Sachs. He met her while he was working on the George Bush’s Presidential Campaign; they have two daughters, Caroline and Catherine.

Ted Cruz Net Worth

Ted Cruz the Cuban-American has a net worth of $3.5 million. He made a historic win which was anything but anticipated and he was looked as the next president of US. It would have been a lot different if Ted would have run for the election against trump. For now, Ted Cruz is happy with family and his practice as an attorney.

Ted Cruz is known to have a mind of his own and voices his opinions. In a radio interview, that was discussing a then recent attack killing three people, He said, “ an undeniable fact and a simple fact is that majority of violent criminals are Democrats”, and also the Democrats are easy on convicted felons is as they are the ones who vote for them.

He also said that the police force and such services have always been a victim to the democrats’ decisions. He said that it is fundamentally wrong that anytime there is an incident all the officials are seen vilifying the law enforcement. This was when he was talking about a police officer’s death case.

He is regarded as “free trade advocate”, he proposed the idea of termination of the IRS and introducing flat taxes. He also suggested at the same platform that 4 other such government agencies should be abolished. This was as he wanted to cut down the size of the government.

Ted Cruz is a Cuban descent senator and till now there have been just three such senators including him. He is a known as an adjunct who took up a professor’s job between his successful stints as a lawyer only to return to practice again.