Marco Rubio Net Worth

Who is Marco Rubio and what is his net worth 2018? All around the world, politics never cease to interest people of almost every age group and it remains the hot story for long period of time. If politics has become a niche that makes people so much interested the major reason would obviously be the leaders contesting in the elections.

The politics of America always remain different than other country’s politics. One such American runner for president who also happens to be a Republican is Marco Rubio. He is currently the junior United States Senator. He also served as the Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives.

Marco Rubio Net Worth

Born on 28th of May, 1971, to the couple Mario Rubio Reina and Oriales Rubio, as the third child and the second son. He comes from family of immigrated Cubans in the region of Miami, Florida. He was blessed to have three siblings including a big brother, Mario, an elder sister Barbara and a younger sister Veronica. He grew up to be a Roman Catholic from the age of 8 until 11. Then in 1984, he was confirmed to be a Catholic and got married later in a Catholic church in Miami.

He did his schooling in South Miami Senior High School and graduated in the year 1989. The next year he got enrolled in the Tarkio college in Missouri through a football scholarship. He then enlisted himself in Santa Fe Community College in Gainsville. He majored and gained his degree in Bachelor of Arts in Political science in the year 1993 from the University of Florida. The educational fee loaned upto $100,000 which was settled only in 2012.

He graduated in law and obtained his degree in the year 1996, from the University of Miami School of Law. When he was pursuing law he interned for Ileana Ros-Lehitnen as a U.S representative. He was also an active participant in Bob Doule’s Presidential campaign in 1996 who was the Republican Senator back then. When he was 26 years old he got elected as the City Commissioner for West Miami, but then moved into the Florida House of Representatives early in the upcoming year.

Career: Rubio was a member of the Legislature in Tallahassee in early 2000 the voters had approved and were demanding a constitutional amendment on term limits. Also this happened to be the time when new openings for the seats came up since the elderly representatives had to retire themselves from the constitution.

Then later in the same year Mike Fasano a senior and a majority leader promoted him to be one of the two majority whips. After the resignation of Fasano in the year 2001 due to clash of ideas with the House Speaker, Rubio was appointed to elect someone with more experience in order to replace Fasano.

Rubio became the House Majority Leader in December 2002, by the speaker Johnie Byrd. After the State Representatives Dennis baxley. Jeff Kottkamp, and Dennis.A.Ross, dropped out, Rubio clinched the speakership in 2005, December 13th. But he was sworn in only after a year, in November.

Prior to his speakership in 2006, the laws that restricted government to take private property in response to the decision by the Supreme Court of Florida, that empowered the authorities to legalise such taking of private lands, were enacted into the people. This state legislation was led by Rubio and proposed by a special committee chaired by him. Rubio left the Florida Legislature in 2008, and started his own law firm. He also became an adjunct professor in the Florida International University(FIU) under a fellowship appointment offered by them.

Then after three years he rejoined the university, after entering the U.S Senate. Apart from his political involvement reviews regarding his teaching revealed that he was excellent in his teaching as he always promised to deliver unbiased and non-partisan information and generally include his own personal opinions about them. This was also from the students who disagree to him on political issues.

Marco Rubio Net Worth

Marco Rubio has an estimated net worth of $1 million. This might seem to be a huge amount but when it comes to the scenario of other politicians like him he still is on the poorer side of the economy in terms of total net worth. This might be supported by the fact that he was initially an immigrant and then he developed himself from the scratch and made into riches, but not so much. 2015 and 2016 happen to be the years that made him prosper and increase his net worth. All depends on whether or not he succeeds in his ambition of becoming the next president of the United States.

He still remains an inspiration to other politicians, who gained all this fame and support starting from nowhere. Being an immigrant he wasn’t afraid to overrule all the ill policies against people and the people too did not separate him claiming that he was an immigrant. He had the courage and courteousness to implement what was right and did not hesitate to meet the extremes of pure politics.

He was excellent teachers, who taught what was in reality rather than support one side of the idea. He is one of the people whom we can a gentleman. He still lives with his family in the same home and is still trying hard to make a difference.