Kellyanne Conway Net Worth

Who is Kellyanne Conway and what is his net worth 2018? Kellyanne Conway is a household name which is more often associated with Donald Trump. She is the first woman ever known to run a presidential campaign. During the presidential campaign she stuck with Trump up to the last months. She was his advisor and appeared on TV to speak on his behalf. Conway is now about 50 years and a well-known political operator who specializes on women voter appeal. She is a good political strategist who played a big role to ensure Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential election. Conway, who is a former beauty pageant, is a political scientist who graduated from Trinity College in Washington DC. She also did law at George Washington University Law School.

Currently, Kellyanne Conway is married and has four children. All her children are below the age of 12 and this means that she started having children late in her life. She is known for her love for children and regarded as a good mother. She is married to a lawyer by the name of George Conway who practices law in New York. They were married in 2001 and are blessed to also have twins in the family. However, before her marriage, Conway was known to have relations with the late Senator of Tennessee Fred Thompson. Thompson was a lawmaker who was also an actor that featured on the TV series known as Law and Order.

Kellyanne Conway Net Worth

Conway was raised by her mother, who was divorced when she was only 3 years of age. She lived in the same house with her mother’s unmarried sisters. She was therefore raised by women and lacked a father figure in her life. However, this did not stop her from achieving her life dreams of operating in a male-dominated career and coming out on top. It is probably the lack of a father figure that propelled her to enter and excel in a male dominated career.

Kellyanne Conway Net Worth

Kellyanne net worth remains hidden from the public but estimations indicate that she is a millionaire many times over. The fact that she is married to a millionaire lawyer who is now considered to become the next US solicitor general, makes her worth even go higher. Her estimated net worth is about $44 million. She recently bought a house that was worth more than $4 million and this is an indicator of how much she is really worth. She is also known to give the Ted Cruz campaign a personal check of $5,400 before she was engaged by Trump.

She is also the founder of a polling company known as Woman Trend. She founded this company in 1995 and currently serves as its president. This company is known to take over $2 million from political campaign committees. The company was also associated with Ben Carson’s campaign who gave it about $65,000. The firm also benefitted from Ben Mercer, a hedge fund billionaire, who contributed immensely to the company’s profits.

Kellyanne Conway is also an author and she has written several books including the now popular book titled What Women Really Want. She wrote the book in 2005 as a co-author. The book talks about women and their endeavour to eliminate discrimination and inequality in all spheres of their lives. It talks on issues about class, racialism, religion and politics. She wrote the book with Celinda Lake which was aimed at improving the welfare of women in society.

Kellyanne is therefore an important figure in the American society who represents women dominance in the American politics. She is an independent lady who is known for her passion in politics and equality. She is a lawyer who uses her talents, not in a court of law, but on the political front. She ran the best presidential campaign that America has ever known. Despite the odds that Donald Trump faced as a presidential candidate, Conway ensured that he won the seat by tirelessly coordinating his campaign and offering advice to the new American president elect. She is not only a political advisor but also a women champion who tackles issues that touch on women.