Jared Kushner Net Worth 2019

Who is Jared Kushner and what is his net worth 2019? It is always great to be in the right place at the right time. If you can manage to pull the right strings, then success will follow you instead of you going in search of it. There cannot be a better example of any person fitting into the above formula other than Jared Kushner. Jared Kushner has become more than a household name in the US as well as in many parts of the world today.

Early Life

Born on 10 January 1981 in Livingston New Jersey, Jared is the son of real estate developer Charles Kushner and Seryl Kushner. He has a younger brother by the name of Joshua and two sisters, Nicole, and Dara. Charles Kushner was an affluent business personality in his own right. However, people know him Jared as the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump. In fact, Trump has mad Jared his principal adviser in all matters. He has the power to enter into any room in the White House at any time without seeking the permission of any body. This is what pulling the rights strings at the right time can do for you.

Jared Kushner Net Worth

It is natural for a son to continue his gather’s business and build upon it. Jared Kushner has proved it on numerous occasions that he is a worthy son to his father, he has stood by him through tough times, especially when Charles was in jail for a couple of years on charges of tax evasion, tampering of witness, and illegal campaign donations, etc.

Jared is a successful real estate investor and works from the same office as his father does. There is an interesting anecdote about this office building at 666, Fifth Avenue. Kushner Companies purchased this building for a staggering $ 1.8 billion, the biggest single property purchase deal anywhere in the world at that time in 2007.

However, following the sub-prime crisis in 2008, Kushner had to sell the retail portion of this building to Stanley Chera for an amount in excess of $ 1 billion. Subsequent to his assuming the role of CEO of Kushner Companies in 2008, Jared made many ‘high value’ real estate deals including purchasing 50.10% of the Times Square Building for $ 295 million.

As if being a real estate magnate was not enough, Jared purchased the New York Observer for $ 10 million. Even though he was not much aware about journalism, he has the credit of increasing the tabloid’s online presence. He did not maintain a good working relationship with the editor-on-chief of the tabloid and hence replaced him in due course. Kushner stepped down from this role when he decided to become Trump’s senior adviser in January 2017.

Jared may be a successful real estate investor and business magnate. However, his biggest claim to fame has been marrying Ivanka Trump, the eldest daughter of Donald Trump. Jared Kushner played the biggest role in Trump’s victory in the Presidential elections. If you equate Trump with being the CEO of the campaign, Jared was the person who gave it the perfect shape with his excellent online campaigning methods. No one expected Jared to come up trumps in this manner.

Naturally, Trump rewarded Jared for his excellent contribution by making him, his principal adviser. According to Trump, Jared has a higher political talent quotient in comparison to his business acumen. It is a different matter that Jared is the husband of his eldest daughter Ivanka.

Jared is a Jew by birth. Donald Trump depends on Jared brokering the peace deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians.

On the personal front, Jared is the husband of Ivanka Trump and the father of three adorable kids. He loves to spend valuable time with his family and children. He is a confirmed Jew. In fact, Ivanka had to convert to Judaism to be able to marry him. He practices the religion in right earnest. They observe the Sabbath religiously by walking instead of driving from Friday evening to Saturday evening. They switch off their cell phones as well during this period.

Education: Being the son of a real estate magnate, securing the highest quality of education would never have been a problem for Jared as well as his siblings. He had his early schooling in a religious educational institution, Frisch School in New Jersey. He was an excellent student excelling both in studies and in extracurricular activities such as debates, basketball, and hockey. He joined Harvard University to pursue his Bachelor of Arts degree. There are reports that his father donated $2.5 million to secure the admission of his sons in the University. Subsequently, he graduated from New York University with a Juris Doctor degree and an M.B.A. His father had donated $3.0 million to NYU in 2001.

Net Worth of Jared Kushner

It can be difficult to estimate the actual worth of people like Jared Kushner. His net worth to be in the range of $245 million. In reality, it can be much more. However, in the absence of such information, we can accept this amount as correct. This figure must be his personal net worth and not that of the companies he owns. For your information, he does not take any salary for being the adviser to Donald Trump. In this respect, he follows his father-in-law perfectly. He had been a successful business personality even before Trump’s elevation to the Presidency. However, people started knowing him more subsequent to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

His father was a real estate magnate. Hence, it was natural to expect Jared to follow his example. Jared is a successful real estate investor in his own right. He ventured into the newspaper business when he acquired The Observer. He converted the weekly newspaper into a tabloid and subsequently into an online newspaper. His greatest contribution is the successful campaigning for Donald Trump as President. Trump rewarded him with the post of Senior Adviser to the President in January 2017 after assuming the office of the Presidency.

Today, Jared is the principal adviser to Donald Trump. He has access to any part of the White House. This explains his position in the hierarchy. Trump expects him to play a great role in normalising the relations between Israel and Palestine.

One can state that Jared was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Good Fortune continues to smile on him because of his family relationship with the most powerful leader in the world, Donald Trump. It is up to him to make the maximum use of this fortune. Considering his record of accomplishment, this would be a piece of cake for him.