Harry Reid Net Worth

Who is Harry Reid and what is his net worth 2018? A politician in United States, Harry Reid retired as a senator from Nevada in 2017. He is a member of the ‘Democratic Party’ and was vastly active as ‘Senate Minority Leader’ from the year 2015 to the year 2017.

For him, to get there it has not been a cake walk. Harry grew up in utter poverty. He paid his own college fees by working as a Capitol Hill Policeman in the night shift. Currently his salary has shot up to $193,400. In the beginning of his career as a senator in Nevada his net worth was listed close to $1.5 million. Must say he really worked his way up high. Let’s get some deeper insight about his income profile and detailed biography.

Harry Reid Net Worth

Harry Mason Reid was born on December 2nd, 1939 in Searchlight, Nevada. He is the third child of his late father Harry Vincent Reid and mother Inez Orena Reid. Harry had a rather hard life as a child. His father committed suicide to a gunshot and his mother was a laundress. He lived in a house without any indoor toilet or hot water. His grandmother came to United States as an immigrant from Darlaston, Stradfforshire. Harry Reid studies in South Utah University and doubled majored in Political Science and History. From there he went on to study economics in the Utah States School of Commerce and Business administration. Finally, he studied law at Gorge Washington University along with working at the State Capitol as policeman.

Harry Reid married his affectionate wife Landra Gould in the year in the year 1959. Both were in a relationship ever since their high school days. Gould is also a senior senator and politician from Nevada. Harry Reid and Landra Gould have for adorable children together. They are Rory Reid, Lana Reid, Josh Reid, Key Reid and Leif Reid.

At the age of 28, Harry was elected to the Nevada Assembly. Two years later in 1970 O’Callaghan as his running mate for Lieutenant Governor of Nevada. Finally in 1986, Harry Reid won the Democratic Nomination. Ever since he only went up the ladder and served as Senate Democratic Whip, Minority Whip, Majority Whip, Chairman of Senate Ethics Committee, Minority and Majority leader in the years to follow.

Senator Harry Mason Reid has been awarded for his contribution to the country and services to the LDS church that he rendered throughout with exhilarating passion and zeal. He was also awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for his political career.

Harry Reid Net Worth

Harry Reid has a net worth of $10 million. This kind of whopping amount could have been possible only by rigorous hard work. But there are still few accusations upon him for having such a humongous wealth. There have been alleged allegations that most of this prosperity was earned by him while he was a public official. Back in 1998, Reid had invested an enormous amount of money i.e. $400,000 in a residential property outside Las Vegas. The transaction resulted in various controversies. His savvy investments and frugal savings as a politician have been accorded to his Faustian pursuit of wealth.

The upright politician Harry Reid is a fine example of a saying that a man can pluck stars if he decides to. His consistency and determination even in the most unfavorable circumstance has led to all that he has achieved today. His journey from a poverty ridden family to one of the most influential and prosperous senator has been a roller coaster ride. His retirement in 2017 marks a beginning of his yet happier life with loving wife. His name will be etched in the pages of history for being an irrevocably a high headed man all his life.