George W Bush Net Worth 2019

Who Is George W Bush and what is his net worth 2019? The 43rd President of America, George Bush is a face well known in every American household, and across the continent. He served as the president from 2001 to 2009. Before becoming a president he acted as the 46th Governor of Texas. He has also served in the US Air force military from 1968 to 1974, with the rank of First Lieutenant.

He is a supporter of Republican Party. Bush founded ‘Arbusto Energy’ in 1977, which is an oil exploration company. Post his presidency; he has been living with his family in Texas. He also co-owned a baseball team ‘Texas Ranger’ in early 1988, which was later re- sold. There are mixed reviews about his presidency, however, he surely was a great politician, who encouraged the opposition to work better.

George W Bush Net Worth

Early Life

George Walker Bush was born in 1946 on 6th July to Barbara and George H. W. Bush. He is the eldest child in the family, and was born and raised in Connecticut.

In 1977, Bush exchanged wedding vows with Laura Welch. Together the couple has two daughters, Barbara Bush and Jenna Bush.

Education: He completed his junior education from Texas, and his High schooling from Philips Academy, which is a boarding school located in Massachusetts. The former professor holds a Yale University degree which he completed in 1968. Later he attends Harvard Business School.


Bush started off his career as a US patriot, who joined US air force and served the country for 6 years. He has been a part of 147th Reconnaissance Wing and 187th Fighter Wing unit. He received three awards during his time in the military; ‘Outstanding Unit Award’, ‘National Defense Service Medal’ and ‘Small Arms Expert Marksmanship Ribbon’.

In 1995, he won the seat for Governor of Texas. He became the 43 president of America, served for two terms; from 2001-2009. He also co owned a baseball team ‘Texas Rangers’ for a few years, starting from The ‘Great Recession’ that occurred in 2007.

During his political career, he supported various causes like economic growth, education, amending constitutional rights for same sex marriage, social security reforms and equality etc. He signed some major laws enforcing broad tax cuts, No Child Left Behind Act, Medicare prescription, AIDS relief campaigns and Partial Birth Abortion Act, including several more. He currently serves as a public speaker, and has also had written a ‘Decision Points’, memoir.

Net Worth of George W Bush

He has been politically active from last 3 decades now, and holds immense power to impact any decision. Apart from his political position he is also a successful businessman, who owns an oil extension company, ‘Arbusto Energy’. And considering the price of this natural resource, the former president is surely earning more that he must have invested. His baseball team franchise was sold in 1998 for $250 million, from which Bush individually received his share of $15.6 million, for an investment of $800,000. The net worth of 43rd president of American is estimated to be $40 million.

Bush was universally criticized for the terrorist Attacks that took place on 11th September, just eight months into Bush’s presidency. Bush chooses to respond to this attack with ‘Bush Doctrine’, which included a war in Afghanistan and Iraq in early 2000’s. These wars resulted in loss of many soldiers.

It is also believed by that Bush had a hand in these attacks to promote war in order to increase weapon sale and manufacturing, however there is no evidence, but still the internet is flooding with several conspiracy theories connecting Bush’s name to 9/11. Much of these loony theories were propagated by vested interest groups including sympathisers of terrorists who wanted to portray Bush in a negative light.

He is considered one of the worst presidents of America. According to several polls which were held online, claiming him to be the worst, considering the terrorist attacks and the ‘Great Recession’ that Americans had to face during his presidency. Bush can be seen criticising the new president of America, Donald Trump, who is surprising everyone with his absurd and impulsive decision making skills. In fact despite being a Republican, he has chosen to stand up to Trump’s biased decisions and his opinion is cherished by many ardent followers.

He definitely was a foresighted individual who has made his political career with his wit and intelligence. He is not one the most loved presidents of United States but definitely is recognised worldwide by majority of people. He is rich, famous and still holds more power than any of his critiques. More importantly history is likely to judge him in favourable light as many of his policies related to national security, while criticised initially are still followed by his successors.