Dick Cheney Net Worth

Dick Cheney is an American author, business executive, and politician. He has lucrative roots in the private sector and he has also served as Vice President of United States during 2001 to 2009 under President George W. Bush.

Richard Bruce Cheney was born on 30th of January in the year 1941 in Lincoln, Nebraska, U.S. He attended the University of Wisconsin, Yale University and University of Wyoming. He earned BA and MA degree in Political Science and then he started his political career as an intern for Congressman William A Steiger and later from this internship he got a chance to work in the White House during the Nixon – Ford administrations.

Dick Cheney Net Worth

Dick used to adore George W Bush a lot that he became a Republican from Democrat so that he could be associated with former president George W Bush. He has been active in world politics for over three decades now and he left office after Barrack Obama came to power because he did not like the working policies of Obama. He is also currently active in his business endeavors.

Cheney has also published many books like memoir In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir which was written with daughter Liz Cheney in the year 2011 and Exceptional: Why the World Needs a Powerful America which was again co-authored with his daughter in 2015. In his personal life, he married Lynne Vincent in 1964. She was Dick’s high school sweetheart. The couple is living happily since years and has two daughters Liz Cheney and Mary Cheney.

Dick began his career as a politician. He worked as an intern for Congressman William A Steiger. From there, he made his way to White House under the Nixon – Ford administration. Later from 1975 to 1977, he served as the White House Chief of Staff. In 1978, he was elected to United States House of Representatives where he represented Wyoming’s at-large congressional district for the duration 1979 to 1989 and was reelected five times for this position. From the term 1989 to 1993, Dick was chosen as Secretary of Defense under the presidency of George H. W. Bush.

During the Clinton administration, Cheney was also the Chairman and CEO of Halliburton Company from 1995 to 2000. Later during Cheney’s tenure as Vice President, he played a leading behind-the-scenes role in the George W Bush administration. He was the major person behind most of the decisions regarding terrorism and same sex marriage due to which he has been in a lot of criticism during Bush’s presidency but he was always there besides Bush. He has been the most powerful Vice President of America till now but at the same time he was also the least favored politicians in the history of US. He left the White House after the presidency of Bush as he didn’t like working for Obama and began concentrating on his business career.

Dick received many awards in his career but the most notable of them are Presidential Medal of Freedom which was given to him by President Bush in the year 1991 and an honorary doctorate of public service from Brigham Young University in the year 2007.

Dick Cheney Net Worth

Dick Cheney has made $110 million fortune from his political and business career. He enjoys this big fortune with a very luxurious life. He has an amazing mansion in the US which is worth $3.2 million and a car by Audi which is worth $60,000.

Dick Cheney is an American author, business executive, and politician. He is very smart and multi talented person. He has a huge net worth of $100 million all due to his hard work and dedication. He quit politics after Bush but he is very active in business and working really good in it.