Sodapoppin Net Worth 2018

Who is Sodapoppin and what is his net worth 2018? Chance Morris popularly known as “Sodapoppin” is a popular Twitch streamer who has created gaming content by using sketches and comedy style. He has more than 1.5 million followers on Twitch which is a video game streaming website and goes live while playing online. Morris is a famous World of Warcraft streamer. His first video post in YouTube was in 2012 and was in reference to a game which highlighted “Sodapoppin playing Amnesia 2”. Morris also has more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers and his number of followers on Twitter is 200,000.

Early Life

Thomas Jefferson Morris IV aka Chance Morris was born in Texas on February 15, 1994. He has seven other siblings and is the youngest of them. It is confirmed if they are his biological siblings as all of them appear to be over 40 years old. Both his parents are also in their 70s and he could possibly be an adopted child. All of his siblings are employed and have serious careers. His brother Dustin Morris is a rapper in Texas.

Sodapoppin Net Worth

He grew up in Austin, Texas and went to the Stephen F. Austin High School. Although he was a brilliant student, he had no interest in attending college. After completing his graduation, Morris went to the University of Texas in San Antonio but left soon to pursue a career in internet streaming. He did not have the approval of his parents but was able to convince his parents that it can be a good career.

Chance Morris is in a relationship with Lea May who is another gaming star on Twitch. He frequently posts the couple’ pictures on his Instagram account. Currently, they are hottest streamers of the gaming community. For a charity donation, they have kissed in front of the camera. Morris still resides with his parents and he comes from a wealthy family. He owns a German Shepherd named Kevin.

When in college, he was popular for being a fan of ‘World of Warcraft’. In 2012, Chance Morris uploaded his first video on YouTube and it was connected with a game. Following that, he turned onto the popular game ‘World of Warcraft’. In the beginning, he was not using his channel seriously and used to appear with the name of “Sodapoppin 33”. After having a lot of followers, he then took it earnestly.

Morris’s first gaming was on the ‘Xfire’ platform. He then joined ‘’, for which he also posted on ‘Reddit’ to make people know that he has changed his platform. In 2013, he moved to Michigan and made streaming his permanent profession. While streaming his videos, he looks like an immature person and also takes a lot of sodas, pizzas, and cookies. Despite that, Morris has done a lot for philanthropy.

In 2014, Chance Morris won the award of ‘Best Streamer Award’ by Blizzard for Favorite World of Warcraft Stream.

Net Worth of Sodapoppin

Chance Morris has got a huge number of fan following. He has more than 200 thousand followers on Twitter and another 500 thousand followers on YouTube. He has got 1.5 million followers on Twitch. Most of his followers are covered with acne. Sodapoppin net worth is an estimated $450 thousand. Apart from being a successful video streamer, he is also the owner of Northern Gaming Company, which is an eSport.

He also gets money by selling products with his own name and also through advertising. With the rise in the number of his subscribers, Morris is constantly getting richer. Another YouTuber named Sky Williams has also appeared on his channel. While streaming videos, he has also dressed up for charity by shaving bald and doing makeup. He currently streams daily on Morris has proved his parents that streaming can make good money.

Morris is available on several social networking sites and also has his own domain A t-shirt has been created with his animated photos (including his dog) for people who follow his Twitch account. He behaves childishly when he streams videos, but has proved to be very successful. While streaming on a website, this video goes live on air.