Michelle Obama Net Worth

Who is Michelle Obama and what is her net worth 2018? Michelle LaVaughn Robinson or Michelle Obama is the the wife of former President of America, Barack Obama. She was the first lady of USA for a long tenure of 8 years, her husband was elected to serve as the President of the United States from in 2009 and stayed on the same position till 2017. She participated actively in her husband’s presidential campaign from 2007 to 2008. Other than being the 44th first lady of America, Michelle Obama also is an advocate. Obama created her own fashion statement and became a fashion icon in this tenure.

Michelle was born on 17th of January 1964 in a small bungalow in Chicago. Bother her parents Fraser Robinson and Marian used to be working professionals. Although her mother, Marian choose to stay back at home and take care of both her kids, Michelle and her older son Craig. Michelle and Craig just had 21 months age gapping between them. They were very closely bonded. But her childhood was not easy, her father was affected with Multiple sclerosis. This gave the entire family a huge emotional turmoil. But Michelle’s determination gave er the strength to keep everything aside and move ahead in life.

Michelle Obama Net Worth

From the childhood itself, Michelle was extremely talented. She completed a course in French and biology when Michelle was in her sixth grade. She pursued her education from Whitney Young High School, Chicago’s first magnet high school. While in school, she was chosen as the student council treasurer. From the childhood only, her mother was very encouraging towards the education of both her children.

After completing her school, Michelle went on to earn the graduation degree in Sociology from Princeton University in 1985. She didn’t stop her education even after earning the degree, she studied law from Harvard Law School. She was awarded with the Juris Doctor degree in 1988. Her talent won her a high position, she was entrusted with the job of hiring professors and enrolling minority students.

Michelle joined a law firm in 1989, where she was partnered with Barack Obama for her summer internship assignment. In 1991, Michelle left corporate law and moved on to join as the assistant of Mayor Richard Daley, the assistant commissioner of planning and development in Chicago. A little later in 1991, the death of her father left her heart broken.

Michelle achieved a lot in her professional career. In 2002, she was appointed as the executive director at the University of Chicago Hospitals. She was given the full responsibility to look after the external affairs and maintaining a good community relation. In 2005, she was given a new position of Vice President in the same place, she excepted the role willingly and continued to play her role as a part-timer till her husband got elected as the President of America.

Initially, Michelle didn’t date Barack, as she thought their professional relationship and personal relationship won’t get a proper balance. Fate had other plans in store, the power couple fell in love and got married in 1992. The couple is blessed with two daughters Malia and Sasha.

Michelle has been appreciated many times for delivering high end speeches during her husband’s Presidential campaigns. This lady had a huge contribution in her husband’s election, she went on making public appearances and delivering speeches when Barack faced a reelection challenge in 2012. Her effort was rewarded when Barack retained his position as the President of USA defeating Mitt Romney.

This inspiring lady created a style statement with her flawless fashion. In 2006 May, she was featured in the list of “25 of the World’s most Inspiring Women” in the Essence Magazine. Magazines like Vanity fair, Vogue and People’s magazine featured her in the list of best-dressed.

Education: Michelle has a degree in sociology and a degree in Law from Harvard University.

Michelle Obama Net Worth

Michelle Obama shot to fame when her husband became the President. But it was not an easy task for her. She had to deliver the perfect speech in front of billions of audiences. She knew she would be the centre of attention, but her determination kept her strong and she created her own name across the Globe. This extremely popular lady today stands at $11.8 million net worth. This thing didn’t just happen by, Michelle worked word to earn what she is having today.

Michelle Obama as Business Model

Michelle Obama along with her husband has been involved in many charitable works. She focused on education of girl, her charitable firm raised more than $3.5 billion in less than a year of its development. Let Girl’s Learn is an initiative of Michelle and Malala Yousafzai.

Pamela Ramsay Taylor created a ripple by calling Michelle Obama “A Ape in heels” in the open forum. The local Mayor, Beverly Whaling shot back saying “Just made my day Pam”. It was regarded as a racist comment and was extremely disrespectful towards the First Lady of America.

Michelle Obama the 44th First lady of America not only won appraisal with her work but won hearts with her witty speeches as well. Right from her fashions sense to her wise statements, she has created a storm with everything. Even after being so famous, Michelle still choose to be humble and work for the society. Her generosity has won many hearts and made her what she is today.