Malia Obama Net Worth 2019

Who is Malia Obama and what is her net worth 2019? Malia Ann Obama is the eldest amongst children of earlier President of the United State of America Mr. Barack Obama. Born on 4th of July 1994 in the Hyde Park area of Chicago city, she is one of the most accomplished teens in the world today. Graduated from high school in 2016, Malia is all set to attend Harvard. Malia also comes in the category of most influential teenagers of 2014 by Times magazine.

Education: Malia Obama attended a private University of Chicago Laboratory School. When Malia’s family moved to Washington D.C. from Chicago in 2009, Malia continued attending her studies at the Sidwell Friends School. Malia is six feet and one inch tall following her father and owes fashion sense like her mother Michelle Obama. Malia’s zodiac sign is Cancer.

Malia Obama Net Worth

Malia was just eleven years old when father Barack Obama became the 44th President of the United States of America in 2009. Malia had been working for television and films when she was just sixteen years old. Malia has been an intern at the popular show ‘Girls’ and also worked as a crew member for actress Halle Berry’s ‘Extant’. Malia’s father Barack Obama net worth is estimated at $400,000 a year, apart from book royalties, investments, and monetary awards and prizes.

Net Worth of Malia Obama

Malia’s astonishing net worth is due to smart stock investments, property holdings and good endorsement deal with Cover Girl cosmetics she has made. Malia also owns many restaurants like the Fat Obama Burger chain in Washington D.C. itself. Malia owns a football team named the Chicago Angels and recently launched a Vodka brand named ‘Pure Wonderobama- US’. She has an estimated net worth of $300 million. Alongside she manages the juniors market with one of the bestselling perfume called ‘With Love from Malia’. Malia also runs a fashion line called ‘Malia Obama Seduction’. It is the list of all such works Malia does which helped in building such a good net worth.

In the year 2009, Barack Obama’s books alone got $5.7 million, and the memoir which will be released soon is expected to generate another $20 million as per the reports by ‘Heavy’. Malia’s father Barack Obama’s books like ‘Dreams from my Father’, ‘Of Thee I sing: A letter to my daughters’, and ‘The Audacity of hope’ has earned about $35,000 to $115,000 as royalty.

The Obama family owns $5 million in the Normal Municipal Money Market fund, added to it are U.S. Treasury notes worth $1 million, Nobel Peace Prize monetary reward of $1.4 million, and other stock investments. That is a whopping amount of net worth to which Malia Obama becomes a natural heir to.

Malia’s mother Michelle Obama also has a considerable amount of net worth estimated to be of about $11.8 million through her books, investment etc. Malia’s mother Michelle Obama owns retirement funds of $250,000 and two cars valued at $56000. Amongst the other assets is the Obama family home in Chicago worth $1.5 million. The total family earnings added together is over $23 million, which is a lot for a family of just four people.

Malia’s father ex-President of the United States of America has set aside about $200, 00 to $450000 as savings for the education of both daughters Malia and Sasha. One thing is for sure that it could be that Malia’s wealth and assets might not be at par with the daughters of big business tycoons but she does have a lot of money set aside by her parents. Malia’s parents might not the wealthiest family in the world but they had certainly had more than what an average person could earn in his or her lifetime.

Malia’s parents have accumulated a considerable number of assets and wealth of both their children. Malia’s father Barack Obama has kept details about their children as private hence nothing much can be said about the business model she would work upon.

Malia is planning to attend Harward University this year to complete her graduation degree.

Malia Obama, being daughter of the most powerful man in the United States of America (the then President) Barack Obama (until 2016) and heir to such an impressive wealth and assets, is just a regular girl who loved playing soccer, tennis, dance and piano when she lived with her family in Chicago. Although Malia’s father Barack Obama tried to keep his daughters away from media and liked to keep their personal life private. But being a natural heir, Malia soon became one of the most influential teens as categorized by Times magazine. Malia’s net worth is considerable and she is making right efforts to keep it high.