Lirik Net Worth 2018

Who is Lirik and what is his net worth 2018? Lirik is a popular Twitch streamer. He started off as a gamer on Twitch, and slowly started gaining viewership. Today his seven-hour stream each day gets over 25,000 – 35,000 viewers. He is also an active YouTube with over 190,000 subscribers and more than 17 million views. Lirik is arguably the richest and the most popular Twitch streamer.

Early Life

Lirik aka Saqib Zahid currently lives in Watertown, Massachusetts. Originally the gamers belong to Germany, but he was raised in Boston, MA. He was born in Germany on 29th October in 1990.

Lirik Net Worth

He has really worked hard to become the number one Twitch Streamers. He dedicated over 10 hours in his streaming every day, preparing and working to create the best possible live gaming stream. Now, he has also become active on YouTube which takes most of his time. The gamer clearly works more than an average worker, so it’s fair that he earns more than most people.

He belonged to a middle-class family, who didn’t have any severe economic condition, but he saw his parents working hard to pay the bills.

He usually remains quiet about his personal life and doesn’t share any family details or the details about the people he is dating with the media.


Lirik started off his channel on Twitch in 2011, where he started streaming himself playing and reacting to multiple games, and before he could understand the platform, he became the #1 streamer on Twitch. He is best known for playing DayZ mod, DayZ Standalone and other games on Twitch.

His involvement in Showdown Tournaments marked the significant breakthrough point in Twitch, which brought him in front of millions of viewers, giving him an opportunity to built his own fan base.

When he started off in 2011, he used to play World of Warcraft, but then he started gaining views and started playing DayZ on a regular basis in 2012. Since his channel has gained over 1.65 million followers.

Lirik is known for streaming 6 hours every day on Twitch except for Sunday when he sets polls for his viewers to select the games that he should pay next. This helps in engaging with the audience and also helps him in creating content that is loved by his audience.

His success on Twitch motivated him to join other platforms, so he became a YouTuber after he rose to fame. He initially created his YouTube channel in 2007, which today has over 190,000 subscriptions and over 17 million views.

Today, Lirik has over 1.65 million followers, which is an achievement in itself. The live streamers twitch account has over 151 million views.

It is recorded that he gains over 20,000 viewers with his every stream, who have turned him into the best Twitch streamer in the world. Twitch has awarded him for multiple achievements in the live streaming world. He has made and broken several records on the platform to become the best of the best.

Net Worth of Lirik

Lirik has made over $1.5 million, by just streaming gaming content online. Now he also operates a YouTube, which presumably is helping him fuel more fortune for his total empire. His popularity prompts multiple brands to sponsor his content, which is helping him generate more and more dollars every day. His YouTube channel also has 190,000 subscribers, with multiple sponsorships from gaming and other communities that provide a regular source of income for him.

Lirik will soon hit the 2 million followers on Twitch, and he will gain more and more subscribers on YouTube, as more people will discover his amazing gaming art form. People tend to like reaction videos nowadays and these are exacting the people Lirik plans on targeting. He has one of the most loyal fan bases, who have always stuck beside him in all his highs and lows.