Imaqtpie Net Worth 2019

Who is Imaqtpie and what is his net worth 2019? Michael Santana popularly known as Imaqtpie is a professional gamer who played for ‘Oh Gods Bear’ team. The team has won the National ESL Premier League. He previously was in in the team ‘Rock Solid’ and used to start as an AD carry. He was then picked up by team Dignitas. He is popular for picking Evelyn and Twitch in tournaments and later switching in the last moment. Santana is the reigning champion of the flippers360 LAN tournament. He has got various team achievements from many tournaments. In 2011, he led his team to win the IGN Proleague Season 3 – Atlantic City.

Early Life

Michael “Imaqtpie” Santana was born on February 21, 1992, in Florida. He is half Cuban and half Colombian and has spent most of his life in Florida. He came up with the name “Imaqtpie” as it was chosen by his mother. In 2011, at the age of 19 years, he turned into a professional gamer. In the beginning, he joined the team called ‘Oh God Bears’. He left the team in April 2011.

Imaqtpie Net Worth

In the same month, he joined Rock Solid and was with the team until September 2011. With Rock Solid, he won the 2011 National ESL Premier League. Imaqtpie does not like putting on shoes. Following this, he was then picked by Team Dignitas in September 2011. The team then placed at 3rd on the 2011 MLG Providence.

Michael Santana aka Imatqpie is still not married. He has a girlfriend by the name of Lisha. His girlfriend is also a player in League of Legends. He frequently posts about his pets on his social media account. Santana currently lives in Florida. When he was in Team Dignitas, his teammate was Kurtis Ling.

Imaqtpie was still with ‘Team Dignitas’ in 2012. In February 2012, he went on to win the Curse Prize Final. The team then placed as a runner up in IEM Season VI – World Championship. In July 2012, the team won IPL Elites NA. In 2013, he appeared in the episode of Reflections. In the same year, the team was placed 3rd in the MLG Winter Championship International Exhibition and 4th in the Season 3 NA LCS Summer Playoffs.

He then decided to leave Team Dignitas and quit it in October 2014. He was not present in the game until he joined the team Delta Cox in May 2017. With Delta Fox, he went on to participate in the 2017 NACS Summer even in July 2017 and the team finished at sixth.

In November 2016, Imaqtpie won the Streamer of the Year Award at the 2016 eSports Industry Awards. He has won various other titles as a professional gamer. He is currently the flippers360 LAN tournament champion.

Net Worth of Imaqtpie

Imaqtpie became a professional gamer at a very young age. He has played for several teams in his career. He is popular for being a Twitch Star and for streaming videos. By doing so, the 25-year-old has gone on to make good money. Imaqtpie’s net worth is an estimated $1.3 million. This wealth comes from his gaming profession. He used to serve as an AD carry for Delta Fox. He has successfully won many titles with his teams and has also got various placements in many events.

He also gets money by streaming videos on YouTube. The Twitch Star has got over 1.4 million fan followers and his videos have been viewed over 100 million times. In 2012, with Team Dignitas, they were placed as a runner up in the IEM Season VI – World Championship. They were also third at the IGN Proleague Season 4 in Las Vegas. He has also battled Chaox in subscriber war. As a gamer, he earned made $31,997.65 by appearing in 21 tournaments.

Imatqpie is known both as a professional gamer and as a streaming personality. He is a strong AD carry and is known for his Corki play. His playing style has been described as mentally challenged. He was briefly in the team compLexity. Imatqpie has been known to coin the phrases “Dongsquad” and “Dongsquad 420”.