David Blaine Net Worth

Who is David Blaine and what is his net worth 2018? David Blaine is an American magician and illusionist who have broken several world records. He came into prominence with the popular TV program called ‘Street Magic’. He is known for revolutionising magic on television. He is also an endurance artist who has got critical acclaim for his street performance. His show ‘David Blaine: Street Magic’ on NBC made him perform magic across many places in the United States. He has performed a number of stunts like ‘Buried alive’, ‘Frozen in Time’, ‘Vertigo’, ‘Above the Below’, ‘Drowned Alive’, and ‘Evolution’.

David Blaine White was born on April 4, 1973, in Brooklyn New York. He was born to parents Patrice Maureen White and William Perez. His mother was a school teacher and his father was a veteran of Vietnam War. At four years of age, Blain saw magic performed on the subway of Brooklyn. This led him to get passionate about magic. As a child, he attended many schools and was raised by his mother.

David Blaine Net Worth

When he reached 10 years, his mother got married to John Bukalo. He has one half-brother named Michael James Bukalo. The new family then moved to Little Falls in New Jersey. In there, he went to the Passaic Valley Regional High School. At the age of seventeen, he then moved to Manhattan, New York.

David Blaine has a daughter named Dessa born in January 2011. The mother of the child is Alizee Guinochet. He follows Judaism.

In May 1997, David Blaine appeared in his first TV special called David Blaine: Street Magic. He got a critical appreciation for the show and was praised by several artists. He then did another stunt called ‘Magic Man’ where he travelled to many cities and entertained the pedestrians. He was called the “hottest name in magic right now” by USA Today. In April 1999, he stayed in a plastic box with three tons of water tank below for seven days. During the stunt, he drank only 44 millilitres of water a day.

It was visited by approximately 75,000 people. In November 2000, another stunt called ‘Frozen in Time’ was performed. In the stunt, he was encased in ice blocks for 63 hours and 42 minutes at Times Square in New York City. Two years later, a crane lifted him 30 meters high at Bryant Park in New York City. In 2003, he was sealed in a transparent Plexiglas case near Thames River in London. During the stunt, which lasted for 44 days, he drank 4.5 liters of water in a day. In May 2006, Blaine performed another stunt called ‘Drowned Alive’.

He stayed submerged in a water filled sphere for seven days. His stunt ‘Revolution’ was performed on November 21, 2006. He also appeared in the ABC TV special ‘David Blaine: Real or Magic’ in November 2013 and in November 2016, he started another show on ABC called Beyond Magic.

In the 1998 Rose d’Or Light Entertainment Festival, David Blaine won Bronze Rose. He has also won the Magician of the Year Award.

David Blaine Net Worth

David Blaine has performed in a number of stunts. He has travelled in various cities across America and has also performed in other countries. In April 2008, he created Guinness World Record for the ‘Oprah Winfrey Show’ by holding his breath for 17 minutes, 4 ½ seconds. By having made such stunts, the magician has acquired good money for himself. David Blaine’s net worth is an estimated $14 million.

Apart from that he has also made appearances on various TV shows and has achieved success by performing in private for other celebrities like Michael Jackson. He has also performed for several world leaders. He published his book entitled ‘Mysterious Stranger: A Book of magic’ in October 2002. The book contained instructions about magic tricks in the book.

David Blaine is involved in many philanthropic works. He performs in various children’s hospitals. He has also performed at ‘Hole in the Wall Gang Camp’ which is a summer camp for children with serious illness. He has performed ‘Magic for Haiti’ in January 2010 which lasted for 72 hours and raised $100,000 for the victims of Haiti earthquake.