Chelsea Clinton Net Worth

Who is Chelsea Clinton and what is her net worth 2018? Thanks to news channels and papers, Chelsea Clinton is not an unfamiliar name to anyone. She is the daughter of Hillary Clinton and the former US president Bill Clinton. Even though that played a major role in Chelsea’s fame, she herself is a talented woman who has it in herself to make it big.

Chelsea was born on 27th February 1980. Her name has been picked up from Joni Mitchell’s classic song Chelsea Morning. When she was born Bill Clinton was working as the governor of Arkansas. He was serving just his first term back that time. Hillary Clinton worked as a partner in a law firm. In spite of their busy schedule, the couple made sure to spend time with their child. In fact Chelsea became the center of their world. Bill Clinton installed a small desk for her in his office so that they can have breakfast together each morning.

Chelsea Clinton Net Worth

Hillary made sure to talk to her daughter every day after she came back from school. Though it interrupted Hillary’s schedule, she did not care. That much time she invested for her daughter. Hillary even got involved with Chelsea’s school projects and also made sure to leave loving texts for her daughter.

Chelsea Clinton Net Worth

Chelsea’s net worth is $16.5 million.

However, the Clintons wanted their daughter to be independent. They also wanted her to be confident enough to take charge of her life. For this reason, they pushed their daughter for accomplishment. Chelsea started learning ballet from the age of 4. She was very good at studying. She skipped her third grade. Chelsea was barely 11 when she learnt to invest in stock market. She turned total vegetarian after reading an article in her class.

It was in the year 1993 when Chelsea’s life went through a big change. She had always been guarded from the public jobs of her parents. However, this shield shattered when Bill Clinton won the election in that year. Because she was the teenage daughter of the first US family, she had to face extreme media scrutiny.

During her teenage years, Chelsea endured a lot of jokes. Mostly these jokes were about her appearance which was considered awkward by many. Because of the effect it had on Chelsea, the Clintons created a solid pact against media. They made sure that Chelsea remained off limit and the media attention could not touch her.

Living in White House was bound to change her life. This could not be altered. However, outside the premise, the Clintons tried their best to help Chelsea live a normal life. They helped her have a normal teenage life and encouraged that she lived like any other teenager.

She went to Sidwell Friends School. Here she experienced a touch of normal life. She also enjoyed a normal childhood. In her school she scored high in history and science. These two became her favorite subjects which helped her get good grades. Once again she started attending ballet classes. This she had loved since the childhood. As a teenager she displayed immense energy in everything she did. She took ballet class, did well in her studies and also got involved with getting a role in Model United Nation. Such a life helped her earn the name Energy by those who knew her. In the 1995, she made her first appearance in National Media. During this time she had joined Hillary on a tour.

This is the first time she made a good rapport with the press. She had displayed immense talent and intellectual and got good reviews from the media.

In the year 1997, she went to Stanford University. She wanted to study pre-med. During that time she had been romantically involved with Mathew Pierce who had been a student. She also made headline when her relationship with White House intern Jeremy Kane became a piece of public news. Even today her teenage romance becomes a topic of discussion by the media. Additionally, back that time Bill Clinton’s affair with Monica Lewinsky also came to public eyes. When the storm began raging in the family, Chelsea made sure to bring her family back together. This she did with proper authority. Chelsea made sure to be with her parents when they came before the camera together after the news of Bill’s affair became public.

In Nov 2009 she announced her engagement with Marc Mezvinsky. In 2010, they tied the knot. In 2011, she joined NBC to work as correspondence.