Rich Homie Quan Net Worth 2019

Who is Rich Homie Quan and what is his net worth 2019? Dequantes Lamar who is famous as Rich Homie Quan was born on 4th of October in the year 1989 in Atlanta, Georgia. Homie did his early schooling from Ronald McNair Sr. High School. Homie was interested in poetry since childhood but he started playing baseball in school due to which he left his poetry behind. Homie began playing baseball at varsity level and got scholarship from Fort Valley State University. When Homie realised that his career in baseball is going no where so he decided to switch his focus to rapping. Homie began a new career as a rapper and he also used to work at airport. Homie’s rap was not gaining much fame and he also lost his job at airport , he involved in stealing , robbery , etc. to earn livelihood for which he was jailed for 15 months.

After coming out of jail, Homie’s rap career started in a very good way. In 2012, Homie released his first song The Difference . After this, he toured with Trinidad James in 2013 and sung on the song I Heard , Can’t Trust Her with Gucci Mane and Chasin Paper with Young Thung in 2013.

Rich Homie Quan Net Worth

These songs got lot of popularity and made Quan one of the known artists in the world.. He also worked in many more songs and completed 30% of his debut in 2013. Quan was named to 2014 XXL freshman class. Currently , Quan has signed two independent labels T.I.G Entertainment and Motown Records.

Looking towards Quan’s personal life, he was firstly rumored as gay but he denied these statements. Later he married his long term girlfriend Amber Rose and the couple had one child but the marriage did not worked well as the couple divorced because of Quan’s cheating. After his divorce , Quan married his another girlfriend Jhonni Blaze and has two children with her too. The couple is living happily and we hope they stay happy together forever.

Net Worth of Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan has a net worth of $4 million. Rich Homie has major income through rap singing and his famous albums include Better Watch What You Sayin, Can’t Judge Her, Differences, I Know, I heard, Type of way and many more. His annual income is approx. $250,000. Rich Homie also have other sources of income like ads, featuring, endorsements, etc. which contributes $62,500 annually in his net worth .

Rich Homie Quan is currently living in Atlanta with his wife and two children. Quan is a caring father who wants to give his family everything what they needs for a comfortable life. He is living a luxurious lifestyle and is fond of cars. He has a good car collection and some of his favourite cars includes Mercedes Benz, Ferrari and Camero. All of them are brand new and among them his most favourite is Camero.

Some notable songs of Rich Homie Quan includes Flex which was released in 2015, Type of Way which was released in 2013, Lifestyle which was released in 2014, My Nigga which was released in 2010, Walk Thru which was released in 2013, Get TF Out My Face which was released in 2013, Blah Blah Blah which was released in 2013, I know which was released in 2013, Save Dat Money which was released in 2015, Tell EM which was released in 2014, New Atlanta which was released in 2014, Milk Marie which was released in 2014, Ride Out which was released in 2015, Better What What You Sayin which was released in 2013 and WWYD which was released in 2013.

2016 has been a turbulent year for Rich Homie Quan as despite of the success of his single Flex , he was not able to release his debut album Rich As in Spirit. It is estimated that he will release the album soon and had shared little teaser of album on instagram but his instagram account was hacked for sometime and some of pictures and videos have been made viral. He later said that he will not give any attention to the hacker and will not spoil his day, that’s what we can say a star looks like.

The famous American hip hop recording artist Rich Homie Quan is a very talented artist . He has a huge fan following even after starting his career late. He has been jailed but when he was released he started his new life with hard work and dedication. His hard work has paid him off and we hope he raise to stardom in his life.