Tai Lopez Net Worth

Who is Tai Lopez and what is his net worth 2018? “Do you want some advice on how to balance the four pillars of your life – health, love, wealth and happiness?” Tai Lopez shares his advice on how to balance these pillars through his book club and podcasts. Tai Lopez is multi-faceted personality – an investor, partner, or adviser to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He shares his advice on the four pillars in 40 countries to 1.4 million people. Tai Lopez is one example of rags to riches.

Tai Lopez’s father was in prison. So, he was born and raised as well by his mother. His grandfather was a scientist. Tai Lopez didn’t grow up in niceties. Tai, at the age of 16, realised the complexity of life and understood that it is not so easy to figure it out on his own. So, he wrote a letter to his grandfather trying to find an answer to the hard questions of life. His grandfather replied that there was no such formula to find answers.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

The world is too complex and that it was not easy to find answers from one person. And that if he was lucky, then he would find a set of people to guide him all through his life. Later, his grandfather also sent a set of eleven books for him to read and suggested to start from there.

Then on Tai started a series of experiments to find out the answer to “Good Life”. He read books from great authors like – Freud, Gandhi, Aristotle, Darwin and others. He later spent 2 ½ years with Amish. He later broke completely after joining the entrepreneur college dropouts. He was mentored by five multi-millionaire entrepreneurs and became a Certified Financial planner. He worked in the financial field for some time before he became what he is now.

He has created the most famous podcast “The Grand Theory of Everything” and a YouTube channel. This is one of the top most downloaded podcast. He was on a number of TV and radio shows. He also spoke at the University of California and The London Business School. But, he wanted more response. So, he went on to start one of the largest book clubs in the world where he addresses 1.4 million people over 40 countries using his “book-of-the-day” email newsletter.

“The 67 steps” is a series of “mentor shortcuts” which is a compilation of his learning’s summary. Tai’s “Business mentorship” program is an alternative to the traditional business school which excludes the high-cost inefficient programs.

A young model Kenna Alastair, is his current girlfriend. She is signed to Otto Models modeling agency.

Tai Lopez Net Worth

Tai Lopez’s net worth is slightly more than $5.5 million.

He owns 2 Lamborghini’s and 2 Rolls Royce. He has a garage full of 7 new bookshelves with over 2000 books. He lives in Hollywood hills.

He has a model girlfriend, Kenna Alastair.

Tai sells infomercial products online like “The 67 Steps”. He has appeared in reality TV shows like “The Millionaire Matchmaker”. His podcasts and YouTube channel are viewed by over 1.4 million people in over 40 countries. Tai Lopez’s main income is due to his business, investment, consultancy and his advisers.

He created and is running a podcast – “The Grand theory of everything”.

He owns a YouTube channel in his name “Tai Lopez”.

He owns a popular book club. He shares his advice on this YouTube channel and book club. Some of his YouTube videos are “Saw a gorilla at In-N-Out?”, “How to deal with annoying people Hahaha”, “Random act of kindness”, “Who wants 2 free cars or $20,000?”, “My favourite books: Why history and war repeat itself with Caleb Maddix”, “What I learned hosting fight parties in my apartment to making $45,000 in 1 hour”, “Why working smarter always beats working harder” and others.

Some of his podcasts include “Take quick trips to get out of your normal environment to increase your creativity”, “A lot of people try to get too much too fast with people they consider mentors”, “If you’re product has to be perfect from the start, it’s not the right product”, “Sell what people already like, don’t try to force them to like it”, “The person who experiments the most wins”, “Materialism motivates, so use it for motivation!”, “Positivity is essential to good parenting”, “Develop a hunger to learn”, and others.

He has posted recently on twitter. Some of his latest updates on twitter are – “And some people still think my online paid programs are scams”, “What u rating new kicks of day: Kobe X elite?”, “5 steps that look @Tai Lopez from rags to riches” and others.

Tai Lopez is a businessman who has rags to riches story. He is currently an investor, partner, and adviser of over 20 multi-million dollar companies. He started his career after being mentored as a certified financial planner. He shares his piece of advice about “Good Life” and promotes them through his podcasts and YouTube channel. He has written “The 67 steps” which are mentor shortcuts for those seeking advice. Hence, he is a role model of a smart businessman who learned from others’ mistakes.