Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Who is Steve Wozniak and how much his net worth? You must certainly know who Steve Jobs is, but how much do you know about Steve Wozniak? He was at a time considered the right hand of Jobs. Wozniak, along with Steve Jobs, founded Apple, in the latter’s garage, and is popularly known as the co-founder of Apple. Wozniak, popularly known as ‘Woz’ (Wheels Of Zeus) is also an inventor, engineer, programmer as well as a technology entrepreneur, thus the founder of Apple Inc. Woz was at the helm of the PC revolution that happened in Americas in the 70’s and 80’s. Jobs and Woz worked together to establish Apple as the brand it is today.

Born as Stephen Gary Wozniak, in the year 1950, on 11th of August, he later started using Steve as his name. He was born in San Jose, California, to Jacob Francis Wozniak and Margaret Elaine. He has a German-Swiss ancestry, and came to US, when his parents immigrated to America.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth 2018-2019

Jobs dated comedian Kathy Griffin, and also appeared with her on the Emmy awards of 2007, and was listed as her date in the show ‘Producers Guild of America’. He was a part of the show ‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 8, with Karina Smirnoff. They together got a score of 10 on 30, and still continued to be a part of the show. He has been married to Alice Robertson (1976 – 1980). His wife from 1981 – 1987 was Candice Clarke, they together have three children. He then married Suzzane Mulkern from the year 1990 – 2004. He married Janet Hill in the year 2008.

Education: Wozniak is one of those people who were too intelligent to be in school. There is not much information about his early education; he has however been a part of University of Colorado Boulder, from where he was expelled in his first year only. This happened because he hacked the system of the institution. He later went to De Anza College, and from here he was transferred to University of California, Berkely in the year 1971. While he was employed at Hewlett Packard, and designed calculators, he met Jobs, who was there for the summer.

On February 1981, Woznaik along with other passengers his brother, his girlfriend, and Woznaik’s fiancee suffered with an airplane crash. The crash left the Wozniak with several face injuries head injuries, teeth lose and anterograde amnesia for five weeks a condition in which a person is incapable to generate new memories. He had no memories of the crash and he even did not remember his name after the incident. Later he revealed that Apple II computer games helped him to regain his memory. After this incident he did not immediately returned to the Apple and consider that a good reason to leave Apple.

Career: When Woznaik left the Apple he enrolled himself at UC Berkeley with the name of Rocky Raccoon Clark for his diploma. However, he remained an employee of Apple and receives a regular stipend of $120,000 every year. In the year 2001, he founded Wheels of Zeus to develop wireless GPS technology. In 2001, he further joined the board of directors of Ripcord Networks with the alumni of Apple which was a telecommunications venture. In that same year later he joined Danger, Inc., as a board of director which are the maker of Hip Top.

In the year 2006, Wheels of Zeus got closed and he further founded Acquicor Technology, for acquiring technology companies and creating them. From the tenure of year 2009 to 2014 he was working as chief scientist at Fusion-io. In 2014, he became the chief scientist at Primary Data which was formed by former Fusion-io executives.

Steve Wozniak Net Worth

Steve Wozniak founded the Apple Computers, along with Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne. Together they not only designed, but also marketed the very first commercially successful personal computer series; Apple II. That was the beginning of a very bright career and a great founder in the making. From then to now, Wozniak has established a net worth of $100 million. He is considered to be the sole brains behind the creation of not only Apple software, but also hardware and circuit board design. In the year 2001, Wozniak developed Wheels of Zeus, to promote wireless GPS technology, so that any random person on the street can easily look for things or places.

Woz always wanted to work as an elementary school teacher, for the importance and the respect they have in the life of a student. He ultimately ended up teaching computers to students from fifth to ninth grade, along with some teachers although he is now a shareholder in Apple. Inc, he continues to receive an annual stipend of $120,000. Before Jobs’s death he was close to him for most part of the time, but continued to consider him responsible for the downfall of Macintosh.

Apart from being a renowned founder of CL9, Wheels of Zeus, Apple Computers, Woz was a part of multiple other projects and assignments. He has worked with the best of companies, and has enjoyed the most influential of roles, all because of his caliber and knowledge.

People like Wozniak are an inspiration in a true sense. Although most of what we get to know about him, only goes on to explain that he was a truly intelligent person, with an amazing clarity of concepts and a curious mind. This is probably what made him the founder of a few of the greatest technologies. However, his success in career did not bring stability to his relationships; he had multiple girlfriends and wives. One of his children was born only after his divorce was finalised with his then wife and the mother of the child. We should however focus on his intelligence and potential, if we need something to look up to.