Joy Mangano Net Worth

Who is Joy Mangano and what is her net worth 2018? Everyone in this commercial world would have the craze and the excitement to try out the new products in the market. This excitement and craze rise to whole new level when the products are new inventions that help us in our daily lives in the ways that we wouldn’t have imagined at all.

Such inventions are born from people who can think of even the simplest things in a different way. One such inventor and a woman are Joy Mangano, from America. She is a business woman, especially an entrepreneur. The self-wringing mop was one of the inventions that brought out her name to the commercial market.

Born in the year 1956, to Italian—American parents, Joy Mangano hails from East Meadow New York. The spirit of excitement to invent was seen early in Joy. She began inventing at an early age itself. Her first big idea for an invention came up when she was working in an animal clinic in Huntington, New York, near Long Island. Her idea was to invent a fluorescent flea collar in order to keep the pets safe. But she did not take any steps to produce or release the product, and the next year a product similar to that of Joy’s idea had been released by a company named Hartz Mountain.

Joy Mangano Net Worth

She majored in business administration at Pace University and graduated in the year 1978. As soon as she graduated she had many job offers like waitressing jobs, airline reservations managerial positions and so on. All this time she was a divorced mother who had to take care of her three children. She was literally going through a hard time and struggled a lot before she came into the industry. And due to her hard work, she is now an owner of about 100 patents for all of her inventions.

Her debut creation was the Miracle Mop. People those days had it to be their custom to keep their houses always clean. Mops, brooms and other similar products were taking their toll in the market. But Joy was fed up with the ordinary mops and she wanted to invent something new that might change the whole view of the ordinary mops. Thus was born the Miracle mop. This mop had about 300 feet (90 meters) of cotton that wrings on itself and thee user doesn’t have to get their hands dirty. The initial batch consisted of 100 units that were made from her own savings and that of family and friends. This was produced at the body shop owned by her father in Deer Park in 1991.

This product was advertised at the start in trade shows and in local stores of Long Island and with the reach she got in these, she was able to sell about 1000 mops. This was also co-sponsored by QVC under consignment. But then as the company approved her to do on-air advertisements she was able to sell 18,000 mops within just 30 minutes. Ingenious blueprints of designs were sold to USA networks which were the parent company of Home Shopping Network, in the year of 1999. Other products include Huggable Huggers, Forever Fragrant, Clothes it All Luggage System, Performance Platforms, Comfort and Joy Textiles, and Shades readers.

Soon as she got contracts with QVC she began appearing on-air and advertising her products. She normally spent 120 hours on live per year. She also appears in short commercials and ads that advertise her products. While quoting about how she feels going on air and selling her products, she also finds it enthusiastic to appeal and convince the customers to buy the product when they can’t touch or try the product. She has also partnered with many famous stars and has appeared in television commercials. The stars are brought in from various fields as per the characteristics of the product. Serena Williams, Franke Sepe, Rosie O’Donell are some of the stars with whom she has done commercials.

Joy Mangano Net Worth

Since her ideas were always unique and different, each product gained more profit than expected her net worth was increasing rapidly. Her total net worth is $65 million, is a fast growing one since she kept on inventing new ideas and products. Also, her products have more value than other products that perform the same function because they help the consumer get the work done more easily. Her debut invention, the Miracle Mop, was the kick start that boosted up the business and made her more commercially available in the marketing industry.

Joy Mangano is truly an inspiration to all the working women in the world. She has not only made a difference in inventing or the new types of products but also has made a difference of thought to women like her that they too can achieve greater heights that expected. Through her due course of entrepreneurship, she has developed new ideas and new processes for getting even the simplest things done in an easy way.