Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Who is Eduardo Saverin and what is his net worth 2018? Eduardo Saverin is an Internet entrepreneur from Brazil. He is also an angel investor and is one of the co-founders of Facebook. Till 2015, he owned 53 million shares of Facebook. He developed Facebook when he was attending the Harvard University along with Mark Zuckerberg, Andrew McCollum, Moskovitz Dustin, and Chris Hughes.

He has also invested in companies like ‘Jumio’ and ‘Qwiki’. In 2011, he relinquished his American citizenship. Saverin has also invested in ‘Ninja Van’ and is the co-founder of an online charity portal called ‘Aporta’. In Facebook, he was the business manager and chief financial officer.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Eduardo Luiz Saverin was born on March 19, 1982, in São Paulo, Brazil. He was born in a wealthy family to parents Paula and Roberto Saverin. His father was a businessman in real estate, clothing, and shipping and his mother was a psychologist. His grandfather is the founder of the kids wear retail shop ‘Tip Top’. He has two other siblings named Alexandre Saverin and Michele Saverin. In 1993, the Saverin family moved to Miami in the United States.

He went to Gulliver Preparatory School and then attended Harvard University. In his college, Saverin was Harvard Investment Association’s president and also a member of Phoenix S.K. Club. While still in Harvard, he made $300,000 through investments policies in the oil industry by insider trading regulations. In 2006, he completed his graduation with a degree in economics. Saverin is a member of Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

In June 2015, Eduardo Saverin was married with Elaine Andriejanssen. His wife is a Chinese Indonesian and her family runs several businesses.

Eduardo Saverin met Mark Zuckerberg when he was at Harvard. They both worked together and founded Facebook in 2004 along with Hughes, Moskovitz, and McCollum. In 2012, he was removed from Facebook and the settlement was made out of court. His shares came down to 0.03% from 34.4%. He has liquidated Facebook shares worth $250 million to Sharespost and Digital Sky Technologies.

After the settlement, Saverin has signed a non-disclosure contract with Facebook. The matter was solved as “Gentlemen of Harvard”. His post in Facebook took over by Sean Parker. He then started to invest in Jumio which is a mobile payment option. He has also invested in Qwiki which is an automated video production company.

In 2016, he had deals worth $30 million with Ninja Van which is a regional logistic startup in South East Asia. His initial fund deal in Asia in 2016 was over $140 million. He has also invested in the mobile app ShopSavvy.

Saverin has made strong investments in the car rental companies like Silvercar and Flightcar and also in Uber and Lyft. He is also an investor in Redmart which is an online retailer based in Singapore. In 2010, he formed ‘Aporta’ with Mexican reporter Aldo Alvarez.

Eduardo Saverin is one of the youngest self-made billionaires in the world. Forbes named him as one of the ‘most brilliant business minds’.

Eduardo Saverin Net Worth

Eduardo Saverin hails from a wealthy Jewish family in Brazil. He started his career when he was in college. One of his biggest achievements till date is being a co-founder of Facebook. By doing so, the young entrepreneur has gone on to inherit good fortune for himself. Eduardo Saverin’s net worth is a whopping $10.5 billion.

He owes this fortune to Facebook where he served as the company’s chief financial officer and also was the business manager. He signed a non-disclosure agreement for his settlement with Facebook. Saverin has also invested in several companies in Asia including Redmart in Singapore. He is also an investor in car rental brands like Uber, Silvercar, Lyft, and Flightcar. Saverin is also the co-founder of ‘B Capital Group’.

Eduardo Saverin renounced his American citizenship in 2011. It was believed that he did it to evade taxes worth $700 million. He was removed from Facebook because of having unauthorised ads. He currently lives in Singapore. His role was portrayed by actor Andrew Garfield in the 2010 movie ‘The Social Network’.