Dustin Moskovitz Net Worth

Who is Dustin Moskovitz and what is his net worth 2018? Dustin Moskovitz is an internet entrepreneur who is the co-founder of ‘Facebook’. He formed Facebook with Mark Zuckerberg, Chris Hughes, Eduardo Saverin, and Andre McCollum. In 2008, he also co-founded ‘Asana’. He was named as the youngest self-made billionaire in history by Forbes in 2011.

He is also a philanthropist and has donated millions to various organisations. He along with his wife has become the youngest couple to sign ‘Giving Pledge’ by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. He has also donated $20 million to Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential Elections 2016. He was the third largest donor in the presidential campaigns 2016.

Dustin Moskovitz Net Worth

Dustin Aaron Moskovitz was born on May 22, 1984, in Gainesville, Florida. Not much is known about his parents as he maintains a simple lifestyle. His mother was an artist and also a teacher and his father is a psychiatrist. He went to Vanguard High School and was raised in Ocala, Florida. Moskovitz completed his graduation with an IB Diploma Program. He then did his major in economics for two years at the Harvard University. Later he went to Palo Alto along with Mark Zuckerberg to work on Facebook. Dustin Moskovitz is a Jewish.

Dustin Moskovitz is married to Cari Tuna. She is a former writer for ‘Yale Daily News’ and is also a journalist at the ‘Wall Street Journal’. They have a private foundation called ‘Good Ventures’ His wife works full-time with their foundation and also its spinoff which is a collaboration of GiveWell and Good Ventures. His foundation gives the annual Philanthropy Awards starting from 2014. He lives in San Francisco, Californa.

In 2004, Dustin Moskovitz created Facebook with Zuckerberg, Saverin, and Hughes. They found it in the dorm room of Harvard University. It was originally named as thefacebook.com and was meant to be an online directory of all Harvard’s students regarding their residual students to find their members. In the month of June, they went to Palo Alto and recruited eight employees. Later, they were joined by Sean Parker.

Dustin Moskovitz became the first chief technology officer of Facebook and was also the vice president of engineering. He was responsible for the company’s development and led a technical staff for the architecture of the site. He was also responsible for the main strategy of the company. His shareholding in Facebook was 7.6%. In 2008, he left Facebook and formed a new company with Justin Rosenstein called ‘Asana’, which is Facebook’s engineering manager. He was also the largest angel investor in the company ‘Path’, which is a mobile photo sharing site. It was run by David Morin.

One of Dustin Moskovitz’s biggest career achievements will be one of the co-founders of Facebook. Muskovitz who is just 8 days younger than Mark Zuckerberg was named as the youngest billionaire in 2011 by Forbes.

Dustin Moskovitz Net Worth

Dustin Moskovitz is one of the few young entrepreneurs who have found success at a very young age. By creating Facebook with his friends, he made a revolution in the social networking world. He was associated with the company for four years and during his tenure, he was assigned many important tasks. Facebook today, is a multi-billion dollar industry. By doing so, he has gone on to accumulate good wealth for himself. Dustin Moskovitz’s net worth is an estimated $14.5 billion.

The internet magnate owes this fortune to Facebook and also by forming another company ‘Asana’. He is also the key investors in the mobile photo sharing site called ‘Path’. In 2011, he has advised Path’s David Morin to reject Google’s $100 million offer. Moskovitz has also invested in the company ‘Vicarious’ which is an Artificial Intelligence Company.

Muskovitz is a philanthropist and has made donations of over $100 million to GiveDirectly, Against Malaria Foundation, Deworm the World Initiative, and Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. He is also associated with Open Philanthropy Project which has made grants of over $40 million. He always votes for the Democratic nominee in all the elections and has made donations worth $20 in the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. His role was portrayed by Joseph Mazzello in the movie ‘The Social Network’.