Chris Sacca Net Worth

Who Is Chris Sacca and what is his net worth 2018? Chris Sacca is an American venture investor, Entrepreneur, private equity adviser, and public speaker. Chris never studies business or engineering, but he somehow succeeded to make successful investments. A former Google employee, Chris Sacca was born in Lockport, New York in May 1975 and currently 41 years old. He is known for his reality television show Shark Tank and his signature embroidered cowboy shirts.

He attended Georgetown University Law Center and from the Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University. Interesting fact, Sacca tried to open company from his student loans which went fiasco and started investing in the stock market with whatever left on his hands and that is how he got into investing and lowercase capital investments.

Chris Sacca Net Worth

Chris Sacca Net Worth

Once in the interview, Chris said that he is much like Elon, he believed in creating new things to make the world better place. But when it comes to entrepreneurship, Chris is no behind than Elon. Till now Chris has invested in more than 59 companies and all of those investments are worth over $1 billion US dollars. When it comes to net worth, the estimated net worth of Chris Sacca is tremendously staggering $1.22 Billion with the annual income of more than $50 million US dollars.

He is richer than any sportsmen and Hollywood celebrities. He has worked with many reputed companies like Google and he has his own reality show called Shark Tank. Though his main source of income is investing money in companies like Twitter, Kickstarter, Lookout and Twilio. Let’s have look at his investment that he made in various companies. Most of the investments are his personal investment and few of them are the lowercase capital investment.

In May 2016, he invested $600k in bright wheels as the personal investment. In Dec.2015 he invested $3.5 million US dollars in The Happy Home Company as person investment and another $35 million US dollars in OpenDNS in May 2014. His $160 million US dollar investment in Automatic in May 2013 was his second biggest investment ever after investing $400 million US dollars in Twitter in August 2011. Moreover, he is also owning 4% of Uber with $11 million US dollars investment and his half million dollar investment in Instagram can not be ignored. Furthermore, he is sitting on investments in billion-dollar startups Stripe, Lookout and WordPress parent Automattic.

When it comes to a house, Chris Sacca is currently busy building his beach house in Manhattan beach which will cover more than 5000 Square-foot of area equipped with Solar panels for pure green energy and the estimated cost of the house is still unknown. Though, Chris and his wife Crystal along with his three kids, are living around in guest house until the house is ready. According to one report, he is in Truckee, CA now. Maybe he like skiing, hiking, and riding jet skis. Well, who knows! When it comes to car collection of Chris, it has been said that he has car collection worth $70 million US dollars but no one knows the brands and the models that he drives. Don’t forget he owns 4% of Uber.

Chriss is the son of an attorney father and professor at SUNY Buffalo State and author in the field of education, mother name unknown. He has the younger brother named Brian Sacca who is comedian and actor. When it comes to relationship Chris Sacca is married to Crystal English Sacca, and they have three children. Crystal is an author of several books and advertising creative. Though there is not a lot of details invested about his family.

The 39-year-old investor Chris Sacca ranks third on FORBES’ 14th annual Midas List of tech’s 100 top investors. Chris has founded every hot startup such as Kickstarter, Automatic and Twilio and he is still investing in more companies like Uber, Twitter, and Instagram. Though Chris never studies business but he is the most successful investor ever. He is the one helping an entrepreneur to success their business in Silicon valley and a business person like Marissa Mayer CEO of the YAHOO also invested in his funds.

Chris is a great example of the business person who created net worth of $1.22 billion US dollars just by investing and consoling with reputed companies. He is the living legend for all the entrepreneurs across the globe.