Alexis Ohanian Net Worth 2019

Who is Alexis Ohanian and what is his net worth 2019? Alexis Ohanian is an American entrepreneur and investor. He is the co-founder of a social news website called Reddit and currently, he is serving as executive chairman of the website. He was born on 24th April 1983 in Brooklyn, New York, United States. His father Chris Ohanian is an Armenian-American who moved to the US as a refugee. His mother was a German named Anke. She worked as an au pair but she extended the period of her visa after falling in love with the father of Alexis. His engagement with the famous Tennis player Serena Williams was announced on 29th December 2016.Currently, he is living in San Francisco.

Education: He attended Howard High School in Ellicott, Maryland. He graduated in 2001 from this school. Then he pursued a degree in commerce and history from the University of Virginia and he was passed out in 2005.

Alexis Ohanian Net Worth


After passing out from the University of Virginia he started a website along with Steve Huffman. He worked with Reddit as a member of its Board of Directors.

In 2007, an incorporation named Breadpig was launched by him and it used to produce geeky merchandise and used to give its earnings to charity. He is no more involved with breadpig. In 2010, he helped in the launch of a travel website Hipmunk and now he is an adviser of the website.

In 2010, he left Reddit and moved to Armenia where he worked in microfinance in Yerevan, Armenia for a period of three years.

In June 2010, he launched a company named Das Kapital which was an initiative to focus on startups investments, advisory, and consultancy. In 2010 he co-founded a firm called Initialised Capital. Further, he made some investments in various startups like Zenefits, Cruise, Open door and Instacart.

He was appointed the Ambassador to the East of a firm named Y Combinator. He works as the general representative of the firm as well. He also had been its full time and part time partner. He left the firm in 2016 to contribute in the launching of third initialised capital Fund along with Garry Tan.

In 2011 and 2012 he was cited as a significant figure in the industry of technology by the Forbes Magazine and made it to the under 30 list of Forbes Magazine. In 2012, he was called the Mayor of the Internet by the Forbes Magazine.

He got ranked on number one place in the list of most influential activists of 2012 declared by Daily Dot. He received such an honour for his role in his Internet Bus Tour of 2012 where he campaigned for open internet for all during the debates of President and Vice President.

In 2013, he published a book titled Without Their Permission. In 2014, his podcast named NYRD was launched. In 2015, he made it to the under 40 list of Crain for business. In the same year, his Reddit podcast named Upvoted was released where he talked to the users of Reddit about real stories mentioned on the website. In July 2015, he once again joined Reddit and started leading the Reddit Company as an independent company.

He has appeared on the many shows some of them are Charlie Rose, The Colbert Report and Meet the Press. He got featured in many well-known newspapers like LA Times, Time, Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times. The New York Times called him the own cheerleader of the internet.

Net Worth of Alexis Ohanian

The estimated net worth of this American entrepreneur and investor is $9.3 million which is outstanding. Once he gave free tickets to an NFL game to a man and his son. Soon he is going to tie the knot with the renowned tennis player Serena Williams which will increase his popularity across the globe. His excellent net worth is the outcome of his internet entrepreneurship and various investments mainly in startups. Further, his net worth includes stock investments, luxurious properties, goods, online websites, ventures, firms and so on. He is quite popular on the social media networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and he has a huge fan following.

He is the co-owner of a capital firm named Initialised Capital. He contributed in the launching of a travel website named Hipmunk. He established social enterprise named Breadpig. He runs the famous and it has brought a lot of money for him. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor and these two professions are the main source of his earning.

This famous entrepreneur and investor has made a huge name by himself and earned a great wealth across his career. His creative business ideas make him different from the rest. He is continuously growing and becoming richer day by day and his popularity is at its peak since he got engaged to the famous tennis star Serena Willaims. They will soon tie the knot and make the history. We wish them all the luck, success and good health in future.