Tim Cook Net Worth

Who is Tim Cook and how much his net worth? American business executive Tim Cook is the current and seventh Chief Executive Officer of multinational technology company Apple Inc. He was born on November 1960 in Mobile, Alabama. Born to Donald, a shipyard worker and Geraldine who was an employee in a pharmacy, Tim Cook was a baptised Christian.

Cook got his Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from Auburn University prior to which he graduated from Robertsdale High School. Cook earned his Master of Business Administration from Duke University in 1988. He started his professional career with a 12 year long stint at IBM and even went on to serve in the ranks of director for its North American establishments. In 1994 Cook served in the reseller division of Intelligent Electronics as a chief operating officer. He then proceeded to serve Compaq for six months in his capacity as Vice President for corporate materials.

Tim Cook Net Worth 2018-2019

Cook’s career defining moment came in 1998 when he was asked by Apple CEO Steve Jobs to join Apple Inc. What underlines this decision was the fact that Cook decided to join the Steve Jobs led company during the 90’s; a time when the company was in its tumultuous period and was frequently reporting decline in profits. As the Senior Vice President of World Operations at Apple Inc. the going was only getting tougher for Cook since Apple continued incurring heavy losses even when he was onboard.

Driven by Jobs’ vision and wresting on his management skills, Cook brought about many reforms in Apple’s business model, most notable of them all was hiring contractual manufacturers to counter the string of losses in production. Sales and customer support was spruced up under his tenure with Cook in a duel role of Vice President and also head for the Mc Intosh division of Apple.

Soon, the company’s saw a huge boost both in profits and brand image worldwide. In this process of astounding achievement, Apple Inc. produced their better known products like I Mac, I pod and the global hit I phone which was launched in 2007.

This was a stupendous feat under Cook’s leadership for a company that once showed losses worth $1 billion in 1998 fiscal year. Apple continued blossoming and achieved new heights of excellence but the need of the hour called for Cook assuming the role of Apple’s CEO owing to deteriorating health of Jobs, Apple’s founding father.

In August 2011, Cook was officially named CEO of Apple Inc. Cook has been praised for building amicable employer-employee culture during his tenure aiming sustainability. Although the profit accumulation has been slightly below par in his revamped Apple arsenal, innovation is never out of the picture.

Tim Cook Net Worth

Tim Cook, the Apple Inc. CEO is one of the most highlighted, talked about and obviously powerful leaders of a multinational company that is known globally. As the CEO who rose to the ranks by resurrecting the multinational technology company, Cook virtually has the world under his feet. Tim Cook’s net worth touches the astronomical amount of $800 million.

Tim Cook As business model

Tim Cook’s business model is marked by his clever tactics of cutting down production costs and putting employees of all ranks in the same page. In an interview Cook reveals he always looks for apolitical people contributing to the organization’s goal. Cook believes in creating “magic” by bringing hardware, software and services together. Recent reports suggest that Apple is willing to set up manufacturing units in future IT and mobile market leading markets like India.

Just like his predecessor Steve Jobs, Cook lives his life without hogging the limelight for wrong reasons. He is one of three sons of Donald Cook. The two brothers of the American business executive are Michael and Gerald Cook. Michael, the youngest of the three currently works in maritime industry while Gerald works for Internal Revenue service. He is known as an extremely reclusive personality with a liking for fitness. Hence few people have known his personal life closely.

Multi millionaire and CEO of one of the most popular technology company in the world; but there is more to the elusive CEO of Apple than it meets the eye.

• In 2014, Tim Cook disclosed the world that he is homosexual in an interview to Bloomeberg. He does not have any foster children either.
• Tim Cook is the only gay CEO cum millionaire in the list millionaire listed on Fortune 500.
• He is the highest paid CEO of the United States of America.
• Tim Cook has been awarded an honorary doctorate from George Washington University.
• A victim of severe sclerosis, Tim ensures that his charity work is dedicated to raise funds for awareness and treatment programs centered on the same.
• The now multimillionaire took up the job of delivering newspaper in his teens.
• Before joining Apple Inc. Cook was set to join Dell, another computer giant but chose the latter instead. According to Cook, it was the meeting with Steve Jobs that led him accept Jobs’ offer against the suggestion of his well wishers.
• Cook is a stickler to methodical lifestyle and wakes up at 4:30 am in the morning. He has even passed on the culture of harmonious relations at work by catching up with Apple employees for eating lunch in the company’s cafeteria.
• Cook was Forbes magazine “strongest person in the world”.